Rory Feek Shares How Daughter Indiana Keeps His Wife’s Memory Alive

Country musician Rory Feek recently discussed life without his wife Joey and how their daughter Indiana keeps her memory alive.

Rory Feek performs during the "Outside the Barrel"
Rory Feek performs during the “Outside the Barrel” | Mindy Small/FilmMagic

Joey Feek died at age 40 of cervical cancer on March 4, 2016. Feek documented her illness and continued to journal about life raising their daughter Indiana, who was only a toddler when his wife died. Feek continues to make music and lives with his daughters and extended family on his farm.

He reflected on life and how he still feels completely married, but that his wife simply “isn’t here.”

Indiana knows her mama

Even though Indiana was very young when her mother died, Feek says that his daughter has a keen sense of having her mother around her. “I was in a restaurant with Indiana, I don’t remember where we were,” Feek recalls to People TV. “But I could not hear it [his wife’s music]. Literally, we’re all having lunch and Indiana literally goes, ‘It’s mama.’ And she starts singing the song and I thought, ‘No.'”

“And I couldn’t really hear, and all of us got really quiet and it took a lot of work for me to realize that’s Joey,” Feek recalls. “One of our songs was playing on the radio and she heard it right away.”

He added, “I think she’s highly aware of her mama, her mama’s voice, what her mama looks like. She keeps her alive too.”

Joey’s memory is even more beautiful today

Feek said his beautiful wife is even more beautiful today. “It’s almost like her voice is even sweeter,” he said. “The memories are even more beautiful. The things we have done are even more special to me through the years.”

“I don’t know, time has a way of making what was beautiful even more beautiful,” he shared. “We’ve settled into a really wonderful life. Both of my sisters live on the farm with us, one lives on one side, one lives on the other side. So we have an amazing community that we’re around.”

He adds that he doesn’t feel as though something is missing from his life. “I don’t feel like life isn’t complete if I don’t have someone to share life with,” he said. “I have somebody to share life with. I have lots of people. First off I have Indiana and then I have my older girls and I have family and friends. So that’s a big part of it, is that I think I’m doing better because I’ve realized this is life. This isn’t something that life is missing from.”

Feek says “it is life and an extraordinary life.” He adds that he still feels very married and in a “full, regular marriage.” But the only difference is she’s not around. “But it’s a funny thing to feel so complete and not have her here with us,” he observed. “I think it’s just that she was such an amazing gift, and she filled my life so much, and she continues to fill it even when she’s not here.”