Rose Hanbury Attended the State Dinner Banquet Amid Prince William Cheating Rumors: Why Was She There?

Among the guests at the State Banquet at Buckingham Palace last night was Prince William’s alleged mistress, Rose Hanbury. Her attendance seemed to slide under the radar, but a photo showing Hanbury arriving last to the dinner had many wondering if it didn’t make for an awkward situation since Prince William was rumored to have cheated on Kate Middleton with Hanbury.

Rose Hanbury arrives State Banquet amid cheating scandal
Rose Hanbury | Victoria Jones- WPA Pool/Getty Images

Why was Rose Hanbury at the state dinner?

Once Hanbury was spotted, many fans of the royals wondered what she was even doing there. Turns out, she typically attends these sort of events — even sitting next to Prince Harry at a state dinner in July 2017.

Royal reporter Richard Palmer, of the Daily Express, tweeted: “I did file this last night but it didn’t make the cut in the paper because we focused on the speeches: Rose Hanbury, the Marchioness of Cholmondeley who has denied falling out with the Duchess of Cambridge, was a guest at the state banquet last night.”

He added: “The Marchioness regularly attends state banquets with her husband David, the Marquess, because he holds the hereditary title of Lord Great Chamberlain, a ceremonial role.”

Rose Hanbury seated away from Prince William and Kate Middleton at State Banquet in the ballroom at Buckingham Palace
State Banquet seating at Buckingham Palace | DOMINIC LIPINSKI/AFP/Getty Images

What does the title Lord Great Chamberlain mean?

There was some discussion on Twitter about the role of Lord Great Chamberlain, with one Twitter user explaining: “The Lord Great Chamberlain of the United Kingdom is the sixth of the Great Officers of State, ranking beneath the Lord Privy Seal and above the Lord High Constable. The Lord Great Chamberlain has charge over the Palace of Westminster.”

They further shared that Hanbury’s husband was in attendance at the event, sharing, “He is a regular guest of the Queen at these kinds of formal state events, and of course he brings his wife. He’s the Lord Great Chamberlain and that means he has ‘constitutional duties’ within these kinds of events.”

Was there any significance to Hanbury coming to the dinner last?

With the rumors of an affair still swirling, many royal watchers found it interesting that Hanbury came into the event last — and without a wedding ring, walking in with Sarah Vine, a gossip columnist for the Daily Mail.

One Twitter user noted: “So Rose Hanbury was last to enter the state banquet yesterday and is not wearing her wedding ring hmm very interesting considering how she has never denied the alleged affair with Willy.”

Hanbury was seated away from Middleton and Prince William at the dinner.

Did Prince William have an affair with Rose Hanbury?

While it’s been rumored that Prince William cheated on Middleton with Rose Hanbury, there has been no denial. Middleton reportedly had a falling out with Hanbury and wanted to “phase her out” of their social circle.

One source shared: “It is well known that Kate and Rose have had a terrible falling out. They used to be close but that is not the case any more.”

Additionally, it’s been reported that Prince William and Middleton are “concerned” about Hanbury, with a source telling Hollywood Life: “It doesn’t just hurt them, they are very concerned for Rose. She’s a married woman with children, and she’s not used to this kind of public scrutiny. She’s a friend of not only Kate’s but also the entire family, so this is upsetting for everyone.”