Rose McGowan Called Out These Hollywood Men After Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Rose McGowan in 2014

Rose McGowan | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Rose McGowan is building an army, known as the #ROSEARMY. McGowan has been trying to expose Hollywood’s dark underbelly for years, but in a new post-Harvey Weinstein era, people are starting to pay attention. It may have started with the Weinstein scandal, but McGowan isn’t stopping there — she’s just gaining momentum.

Here are all of the celebrity men McGowan has called out so far:

1. She called Alec Baldwin a ‘baby man’

Alec Baldwin sat down with PBS News Hour to talk about his new book and his personal experiences in the film industry. In the interview, he mentioned that women who accepted financial settlements from Weinstein in order to keep quiet played a part in delaying justice. Things started getting heated on Twitter, and Baldwin decided to take a hiatus from the site due to the “current climate.”

McGowan responded with a tweet that read: “wee little baby man had a widdle baby tantrum cos he wants to protect rapists. You’re sooo liberal, you scum bucket”

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2. She slammed Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck worked closely with Weinstein for many years, beginning with the hit 1997 film, Good Will Hunting. In response to all the Weinstein allegations, Affleck made a statement that he was “angry” about the abuse. “I find myself asking what I can do to make sure this doesn’t happen to others,” he said.

McGowan called Affleck out on Twitter for omitting all that he knew about Weinstein — including McGowan’s own personal experience, which she had shared with Affleck.

“‘GODDAMNIT! I TOLD HIM TO STOP DOING THAT’ you said that to my face,” Ms. McGowan wrote in a tweet. “The press conf I was made to go to after assault. You lie.”

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3. She called out Matt Damon

McGowan retweeted a tweet from Eden Singer, sharing the Vulture article about when Weinstein reportedly called on celebrity friends to help him kill an exposing story back in 2004. The article says both Matt Damon and Russell Crowe called the story’s writer, Sharon Waxman, to convince her to cut the story.

McGowan also insinuated she believed Damon knew of Weinstein’s behavior, taking to Twitter to call him a “spineless profiteer.”

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4. She pleaded with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

McGowan tweeted to Amazon head Jeff Bezos in October 2017, revealing that she had warned him about Weinstein and his behavior.

Her tweet read in part: “@jeffbezos I told the head of your studio that HW raped me. Over & over I said it. He said it hadn’t been proven. I said I was the proof.”

She also tweeted, “Amazon won a dirty Oscar. I am calling on you to stop funding rapists, alleged pedos and sexual harassers. I love @amazon but there is rot in Hollywood. Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand with truth.”

The “head of your studio” she was likely referring to is Roy Price, who was fired soon after this tweet after accounts of his own sexual misconduct surfaced.

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5. Weinstein reportedly hired intelligence agencies to spy on McGowan

Weinstein went to great lengths to silence the women he sexually assaulted. He hired private security agencies (which included ex-Mossad operatives) to spy on and gain information on the women he was worried might come forward.

According to The New Yorker report that came out about the hired agencies, Weinstein employed Israel-based Black Cube and American firm Kroll to target McGowan, as well as other women, to put together “psychological profiles that sometimes focused on their personal or sexual histories.”

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6. Everyone’s listening now

Rose McGowan speaking into a radio mic while wearing white headphones.

Rose McGowan’s voice is being heard loud and clear now. | Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Samsung

Prior to the Weinstein accusations going public, people tended to write off McGowan as just another “feminist whistleblowing badass” — as she put it in her own words. She had previously warned the public of her struggles with sexual assault, as well as her experiences dealing with an agency that didn’t protect her from uncomfortable casting situations and the various problematic Hollywood men out there abusing their power.

But now, in a post-Weinstein era, everybody’s listening.

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7. McGowan is the voice of a movement

Rose McGowan leading a conversation on stage in front of a podium.

Rose McGowan is unapologetic in her fight for women’s rights.  | Aaron Thornton/Getty Images

As the Los Angeles Times puts it: “As multiple women have come forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment by the embattled studio head, McGowan has emerged as the fiery voice and unexpected heroine of a movement that has swept beyond Weinstein and beyond the entertainment industry.”

McGowan has continued to fight the good fight with her memoir, Brave, and via other outlets, despite coming up against a lot of obstacles.

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8. Does she have a problem with drugs?

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

In January 2017, McGowan was allegedly caught with trace amounts of cocaine in her luggage in Virginia. There was a warrant out for her arrest by November, and McGowan responded to the news by tweeting, “Are they trying to silence me?”

Despite pleading not guilty, McGowan was indicted on one felony count of cocaine possession in June 2018.

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