Rose McGowan Called Out These Hollywood Men After Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Rose McGowan in 2014

Rose McGowan | Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Rose McGowan is building an army, known as the #ROSEARMY. McGowan has been trying to expose Hollywood’s dark underbelly for years, but in a new post-Harvey Weinstein era, people are starting to pay attention. It may have started with the Weinstein scandal, but McGowan isn’t stopping there — she’s just gaining momentum.

Here are all of the celebrity men McGowan has called out so far:

1. She called Alec Baldwin a ‘baby man’

Alec Baldwin sat down with PBS News Hour to talk about his new book and his personal experiences in the film industry. In the interview, he mentioned that women who accepted financial settlements from Weinstein in order to keep quiet played a part in delaying justice. Things started getting heated on Twitter, and Baldwin decided to take a hiatus from the site due to the “current climate.”

McGowan responded with a tweet that read: “wee little baby man had a widdle baby tantrum cos he wants to protect rapists. You’re sooo liberal, you scum bucket”

Next: She pointed out the hypocrisy of this A-list actor.

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