‘Roseanne’ and Other TV Shows That Were Canceled Because of a Scandal

Traditionally, if a TV show gets canceled, there’s only one real reason: low ratings. But occasionally, a popular show ends not because it was struggling in viewership but because it had become controversial due to an off-camera scandal.

That occurred very recently with a hit show, but this was hardly the first time it happened. In the past, shows have ended because of a lead’s controversial comments, because of allegations against a star, or even because someone involved was charged with murder (page 7).

Here’s a look at some of those TV shows that have been canceled because of a scandal.

1. Roseanne


Roseanne | ABC

  • ABC canceled the show due to Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet.

Roseanne returned in March 2018 and instantly became a television phenomenon, with the premiere drawing over 20 million viewers. Ratings declined throughout the season, but the revival remained extraordinarily successful overall, and another season quickly went into production.

But the elephant in the room from the beginning was always Roseanne Barr’s Twitter account, which was filled with insane conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, plus some past racist and transphobic remarks. When Barr sent out a tweet in May comparing a former Obama Administration official to an ape, it was all over; ABC announced the show had been canceled hours later.

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