Roseanne Barr Says ABC Asked Her to Stop Using Twitter Before Firing

Roseanne Barr

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Roseanne Barr has just opened up about the cancellation of Roseanne in a new interview, revealing that ABC asked her to get off Twitter long before her firing.

Barr spoke with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on Sunday, and she broke down in tears talking about the experience of having her show axed due to a tweet she insists was misunderstood by the public.

But that was hardly the first time Barr had made shocking remarks on her Twitter page, so many had wondered whether she received any sort of prior warning from ABC about her social media behavior. In this interview, Barr admits that this is the case.

“When ABC hired me they asked me to get off Twitter, cause I’m always saying things, right?” she said. “And I told them, I promise I will get off Twitter, they said, cause you’ll shoot yourself in the foot if you’re on there, and my kids took it away from me, and the whole thing cause they said, ‘Mom, you have to stop.'”

However, Barr says that she told ABC, “I have to tell you right now before we sign any papers that I will never stop defending Israel and the Jewish people.”

Apparently, just about everyone around Barr was concerned about her Twitter usage. Back in a February interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sara Gilbert said, “Well, I’ve wanted her off [Twitter] forever.” Barr also said in that interview that her kids took her Twitter away from her, although that obviously didn’t last very long.

ABC canceled Roseanne and severed its relationship with Barr in May after she sent a tweet comparing a black former Obama Administration official to an ape from Planet of the Apes. Although she has apologized for the hurt she caused, Barr said this week that her tweet was misunderstood.

“It’s really hard to say this but, I didn’t mean what they think I meant,” Barr said. “…But I apologize to anyone who thought, or felt offended and who thought that I meant something that I, in fact, did not mean. It was my own ignorance, and there’s no excuse for that ignorance.”

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Roseanne | ABC

Barr also insisted that she “didn’t say black people look like apes, come on. I didn’t do that. I can see how it was misconstrued.” Barr had previously explained her tweet by saying, “Rod Serling wrote Planet of The Apes. It was about anti-semitism. That is what my tweet referred to – the anti semitism of the Iran deal. Low IQ ppl can think whatever they want.”

The comedian also told Boteach that she quickly realized she made a big mistake with her tweet and told ABC as much when they called her. However, she says that she “lost everything” as a result of what she tweeted and that she’s willing to accept the consequences.

ABC recently ordered a spinoff of Roseanne without Barr, which is tentatively being called The Conners. Barr has agreed to have no involvement in the show and to waive all financial rights she would have as a producer and co-creator of the Roseanne Conner character, although she did receive a one-time financial settlement.

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