‘Roseanne’ Reboot: This 1 Surprising Character Will Definitely Return and More Details

Roseanne, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s, is coming back. Following the success of Netflix’s Fuller House and the return of NBC’s Will & Grace, the classic series created by Roseanne Barr is about to return to ABC.

So what do we know about the new Roseanne? Will John Goodman and Johnny Galecki be back? Here are all of the details about the Roseanne reboot, including how Barr’s surprising political views will make their way on screen.

It will consist of nine episodes


Roseanne | ABC

Every season of Roseanne‘s original run consisted of between 23 and 25 episodes, but the new season will only be nine episodes long. It was originally going to be eight episodes, but ABC later ordered an additional one.

It’s not unusual for sitcoms these days to be shorter than they used to be. The first two seasons of Fuller House, after all, were only 13 episodes. The new season of Will & Grace is also only 16 episodes, with the network having increased its length from 10.

There’s no word yet about whether there could be another season or whether this revival will be a one-time thing. 

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It will air on ABC on March 27

Roseanne cast table read

Roseanne cast table read | Roseanne on ABC via Twitter

Roseanne will return to ABC on Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

This means that Roseanne will be back for the year of its 30th anniversary; the show originally premiered in October 1988. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s airing midseason probably means there will not be a new Halloween episode.

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John Goodman’s character will return, despite dying

John Goodman

John Goodman | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Famously, John Goodman’s character, Dan Conner, dies at the end of Roseanne. The final episode reveals that Roseanne was writing a fictional version of her life, which is what we had been watching. In “real life,” Dan died of a heart attack.

Yet somehow, Goodman will return in the new season. It has not yet been revealed how he’ll be back. It doesn’t sound like the revival will just pretend the finale never happened, though. Barr herself said, “I wouldn’t say that it is ignoring the events of the finale, but I can confirm that Dan is definitely still alive.”

In a 2009 blog post, Barr herself imagines a reunion show in which Dan returns after having faked his death, so it’s possible she’s planning on using that idea.

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Johnny Galecki will return for one episode

Johnny Galecki

Johnny Galecki | Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

In the original series, Johnny Galecki played David, Darlene’s boyfriend and later her husband. But Galecki is now busy starring on The Big Bang Theory. So will he have time to return for this revival and therefore star on two sitcoms at once?

Well, it has been confirmed that Galecki will be in the Roseanne revival. However, he’s only going to be in one episode, according to Deadline. The Roseanne series finale reveals that Darlene has actually been dating Mark the whole time, and Roseanne only imagined Darlene as being with David as part of her story. But it appears that, like Dan’s death, this twist will be ignored.

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Emma Kenney will play Darlene and David’s daughter

Emma Kenney at the Women Making History Awards

Emma Kenney | John Sciulli/Getty Images

In Season 9 of Roseanne, David and Darlene have a child, Harris. For the revival, Emma Kenney will play that child. Kenney is known mainly for portraying Debbie Gallagher on Showtime’s Shameless.

The existence of Harris confirms the revival isn’t ignoring all of the events of Season 9. It also seemingly confirms that the twist of Darlene actually having been with Mark the whole time will not be retained.

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Darlene and David also have another child

Johnny Galecki as David Healy and Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner on Roseanne

Johnny Galecki as David Healy and Sara Gilbert as Darlene Conner on Roseanne | ABC

Darlene and David only had one child at the end of Season 9, but they apparently went on to have another. In September, it was reported that newcomer Ames McNamara has been cast as Mark, David and Darlene’s 8-year-old son.

According to TV Line, the casting breakdown for Mark describes him by saying, “Sensitive and bright, Mark occasionally likes to wear girls’ clothing.”

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Sarah Chalke is back, but she’s playing a different character

Sarah Chalke

Sarah Chalke as Becky on Roseanne | ABC

Roseanne fans will recall that in Season 5, Lecy Goranson, the actress who played Becky, left the show. Sarah Chalke took over as Becky, only for Goranson to return and for the episodes to weirdly cycle back and forth between Becky being played by Chalke and Goranson.

For the revival, Goranson is coming back as Becky. But Chalke is also coming back. Chalke will be playing Andrea, a woman who hires Becky to be her surrogate, according to Entertainment Weekly.

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Mark will have died off-screen

Glenn Quinn as Mark on Roseanne

Glenn Quinn as Mark on Roseanne | ABC

In the original series, Glenn Quinn played Mark, Becky’s boyfriend and, later, her husband. But sadly, Quinn died a few years after Roseanne ended. So will the character be recast or written out?

The show’s writers and producers confirmed to Pop Sugar that Mark has died off-screen in the new Roseanne. They say his death is not glossed over and that he’s brought up many times throughout the series.

For what it’s worth, in Barr’s 2009 blog post imagining a potential reunion show, she says that Mark would have died in Iraq. Once again, it’s unclear whether she’ll use that idea.

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Whitney Cummings is serving as the executive producer

Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Stepping in as executive producer is Whitney Cummings. Cummings is a comedian famous for the NBC sitcom Whitney and the Comedy Central roasts. She also co-created CBS’ 2 Broke Girls. Cummings was just six years old when Roseanne first premiered, and she says she was a big fan of it.

Also serving as executive producers of the revival will be Tom Werner, Bruce Helford, and Roseanne Barr herself; Werner and Helford both worked on the original series.

In addition, comedian Norm Macdonald, who wrote for the original show, will return as a writer on the reboot.

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It’s a bit political, but it will not be about Trump

A tweet from Roseanne Barr

A tweet from Roseanne Barr | Roseanne Barr via Twitter

Just how political will the Roseanne revival be? Barr herself voted for Donald Trump and has defended his actions as president, saying on Twitter that attacks on Trump are “really a disguised attack on American voters who rejected Obama-Clinton-Bush’s bleeding of R treasury.”

Page Six reported in May 2017 that Barr was overheard at an event saying that as soon as she saw the election results, she knew that Roseanne would be coming back. Barr herself said in July that the show is about a midwestern family, not about Trump.

Still, Barr confirmed in a Hollywood Reporter interview recently that her character voted for Trump. Apparently, there’s a debate about Trump in the first episode, although they don’t actually say the president’s name, just saying things like “how could you vote for him?” Sara Gilbert clarified that it’s not as political as you might think, though.

“People think this show is more political than it is,” she said. “It’s more about how a family deals with a disagreement like that.”

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