Ross Inia from ‘Below Deck’ Seems Reflective Following His Arrest

Ross Inia | Ross Inia Instagram

Less than a week ago, Ross Inia from Below Deck was arrested for disorderly intoxication and a slew of other charges. Inia, along with Joao Franco from Below Deck Mediterranean and another friend were involved in a fight in the early hours of Saturday, December 22. When officers tried to diffuse the fight, Inia punched the officer, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

According to Franco’s Instagram story, which was quickly deleted, he and his friend were told they’d have to wait up to 10 hours to be reunited with Inia. Eventually, Inia was released on $15,000 bond late that Saturday. Since his release, both Inia and Franco have been relatively quiet about the charges. However, Inia’s Instagram shows he is in a reflective mood. Meanwhile, another cast member’s cryptic Instagram story about Inia left everyone scratching their heads.

Did Inia return to New Zealand?

On Christmas Day, Inia included a video of his adorable son Kai dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Carribean. He seemed happy and relaxed as he played with Kai and enjoyed the day. Since then he uploaded a photo that implied he had gone back to New Zealand for a vacation. “A trip back home is just what the heart needs. I hope everyone had a safe and lovely holiday with friends and family.”

The image produced a flood of well wishes but also advice. “My motherly advice. Get a really good lawyer. Life happens. No judgments, but you need this dropped. Citizenship, jobs, passports, entry into places all depend on no record. Be smart, pay for a competent lawyer who understands the stakes.” However, one comment Inia certainly appreciated from was from Below Deck BFF, Ashton Pienaar, “My bro!!!”

He doesn’t seem ready to talk about the arrest…yet

Inia has yet to speak publically about the arrest. However, he shared a sweet image sitting on the floor with his son, putting together a pirate ship. “How many of you were up all night putting toys together? All worth it the next day for sure!!” he wrote. “Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. thank you for all the kind words sent my way. It’s been a hell of a weekend with many speculations, it’s not the time to speak about it, but I do appreciate all the love and support! Have a wonderful rest of your holiday.”

The arrest may have truly taken him off guard. According to a recent interview with The Cheat Sheet, Below Deck Med cast member Colin Macy-O’Toole wondered if Inia and Franco were surprised by the police response that night. “We didn’t really talk about what happened but Joao is from Zimbabwe,” Macy-O’Toole said regarding the arrest. “He’s told me some insane stories that if you get arrested in Zimbabwe and you give the police officer $100, they’ll let you go. Unfortunately, though America is tougher with the law.”

Is the fire still going?

Rhylee Gerber | Rhylee Gerber Instagram story

She’s been relatively quiet since his arrest but deckhand Rhlyee Gerber’s Instagram story was dedicated to Inia. Her story contained several parts starting with her driving and singing along to the Fine Young Cannibals’ She Drives Me Crazy. Which she dedicated to Inia. “This one’s for you Ross Inia,” she wrote.

The video is followed by a few images of Inia and Gerber, including one of the infamous kiss. Next was a snap of the song Cum On Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot. And her story ends with a video walking along a dock and the words, “West Palm Beach, Florida” and a bunch of animated popping hearts. Say what?

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