‘Roswell, New Mexico’: 3 Questions the Season Finale Needs to Answer

The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 will conclude with episode 13, titled “Mr. Jones.” The twelfth episode of the season, “Crash Into Me,” teed things up for what promises to be an exciting ending. Here are some burning questions we hope the Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 finale will answer. [Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Roswell, New Mexico Season 2.]

Tyler Blackburn and Michael Vlamis of 'Roswell, New Mexico'
Tyler Blackburn and Michael Vlamis of ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ | Robby Klein/Getty Images

Will CrashCon end in tragedy for the Roswell, New Mexico residents?

The season 2 finale of Roswell, New Mexico, will pick up at CrashCon, the town’s UFO convention. In the previous episode, two deadly devices threatened the safety of the unsuspecting townsfolk at the festival. The weapons, courtesy of Jesse Manes and Mama Ortecho, were designed to target aliens and Manes men, respectively.

Liz, Maria, Max, and the gang raced to thwart the danger. By the end of the episode, Max was in cardiac distress, Maria was hemorrhaging from her eyes, the Manes family was at odds, and Liz was desperate to save the day. Will the core group of characters escape CrashCon unscathed, or will one of the heroes lose their life?

What is Liz’s ex-fiance, Diego, up to?

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Liz’s ex, Diego, swooped into town to save the day when Mr. Ortecho found himself in the custody of ICE. The suave science whiz made himself comfortable in the Friend Zone with Liz. But, by the end of episode 12, he was sneaking into her science lab under cover of night.

Could Diego be in the know about extraterrestrial activity in Roswell, New Mexico? Is he working alone or in cahoots with one of the shady characters popping up all over town? Will he be revealed to be yet another adversary, or could he have noble intentions? With any luck, the season finale will shed some light on Diego’s motives.

In any case, with the new players on the board, fans could be in for even more twists and turns. Jeanine Mason, who plays Liz, told Collider this about the dynamics at play with Mrs. Ortecho and Diego: “For the two of them to come in, it really felt like whiplash.”

Is anyone else involved in the alien coverup in Roswell, New Mexico?

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When speaking with Collider, Mason teased that more clues will be uncovered, and more connections could be revealed during the Roswell, New Mexico Season 2 finale. She told the publication this:

The beautiful thing about this season is that things have been weaving in and out, and so much has been set up in a way that fans are conscious about it. There’s so much stuff that you wouldn’t have thought twice about, that’s gonna come back, and there are so many people that we’ve met, even in passing, who are gonna have such prominence, in the last two episodes. They’re so full. So much is connected, and a lot is revealed in terms of the mythology of our world.

Jeanine Mason to Collider

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