Royal Biographer Compares Meghan Markle to a ‘Snow Queen’ Who Put a ‘Sliver of Ice’ in Prince Harry’s Heart

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex has been criticized for a lot of things — but being compared to a fictional snow queen for making Prince Harry’s heart a bit colder has to be a new one. As the dust begins to settle on the Prince Harry and Meghan royal exit drama, there is still some analysis surrounding whether Prince Harry was influenced by Meghan to make this drastic move.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend a reception hosted by the Prime Minister of Australia
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry and Meghan announced their plan to ‘step back’

In January, the Sussexes announced their decision to “step back” from their royal duties in an effort to escape the constant public and media scrutiny they had been up against. Queen Elizabeth worked with them to finalize their plan, with the couple set to officially break their ties with the royal family beginning this spring.

The Sussexes’ most recent statement clarifying their exit, including the detail that they won’t use the “Sussex Royal” name, hasn’t sat well with royal experts.

Royal biographer Angela Levin, in writing for the Daily Mail, points out that “The language is stilted, cold and legalistic, the sentiments juvenile and angry,” adding that the statement “is an expression of childish irritation that insults the most admired person in British public life.”

Levin claims that the statement has everything to do with Meghan. “My experience of Prince Harry is that he is charismatic and intuitive, a man with impeccable manners who is full of consideration to others and lights up in the presence of those who need his help,” the biographer writes.

She adds: “What on earth has happened to that Harry? Why is he in the strange and invidious position of seeming to side with his wife over a loving family that includes the 93-year-old grandmother he dearly loves and who has been his rock?”

She believes Meghan has changed Harry

Levin further shares that the Sussexes “seem sullen and resentful” and worries about the impact Meghan has on Harry. In trying to understand how Prince Harry has changed, Levin writes: “For me, there is only one way to understand his predicament, including this latest, wrong-headed outburst. I am afraid that Meghan is an impulsive woman and, as her past behavior suggests, when she’s had enough of something or someone, she simply ‘moves on.’”

Levin then draws comparisons between Meghan and a fictional character, writing: “I am reminded of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Snow Queen, as beautiful as she is cold, who leaves a sliver of ice in a young man’s heart.”

“Captive, a prisoner in her frozen desert, he is angry and indifferent to those who truly love him,” she writes.

Critics aren’t happy with their statement

Among the points in Meghan and Harry’s lengthy statement, they addressed their intention to stop using the word “royal” in the Sussex Royal brand, but their critics are annoyed with the wording.

“While The Duke and Duchess are focused on plans to establish a new non-profit organisation, given the specific UK government rules surrounding use of the word ‘Royal’, it has been therefore agreed that their non-profit organisation will not utilise the name ‘Sussex Royal’ or any other iteration of ‘Royal,’” the statement notes.

Further, the Sussexes share: “While there is not any jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word ‘Royal’ overseas, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use ‘Sussex Royal’ or any iteration of the word ‘Royal’ in any territory (either within the UK or otherwise) when the transition occurs Spring 2020.”