Royal Expert Claims Prince Harry Has ‘Deep Wounds’ That ‘Have Never Healed’

After the dust settled from Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s exit drama, it’s hopeful that the couple can have a happier existence away from the spotlight. They may have sacrificed their HRH titles and public funding. But it was, according to Prince Harry, their only option for a peaceful life. One royal expert claims that Prince Harry has been “very unhappy” for some time. Will their new life turn things around?

Prince Harry attends a Terrence Higgins Trust event ahead of National HIV Testing Week at Twickenham Stoop
Prince Harry | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan announced they were stepping back

In January, the Sussexes announced their plan to “step back,” a decision that the queen supported. The couple moved with their son, Archie, to Canada to begin a life that hopefully escapes the constant media scrutiny and allows them as normal an existence as possible.

Prince Harry shared during a speech how they didn’t make the decision lightly, explaining, “We both do everything we can to fly the flag and carry out our roles for this country with pride.”

“Once Meghan and I were married, we were excited, we were hopeful and we were here to serve,” Harry continued. “… The decision that I have made for my wife and I to step back is not one I made lightly. It was so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. And I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes, there really was no other option.”

Why Prince Harry has been ‘very unhappy’ for so long

Following their move away from the royal family, the couple attended a JP Morgan event in Miami, where Prince Harry gave a speech about his mental health, reportedly remarking “how he has been in therapy for the past few years to try to overcome the trauma of losing his mother,” a source told Page Six.

“Harry also touched on Megxit. Saying while it has been very difficult on him and Meghan, he does not regret their decision to step down as senior royals because he wants to protect his family,” the source shared. “He does not want Meghan and their son Archie to go through what he did as a child.”

Tina Brown, who wrote The Diana Chronicles, believes that Prince Harry has been unhappy for some time. “I think the deep wounds of his mother’s death have never healed. And his sense of his role as the second son, the fact that he loved his military career but then left and didn’t have that sense of purpose,” she told the New York Times.

She added, “All of that came together to make him a very unhappy man.”

The Sussexes seem happier since their exit

Meghan has “no regrets” about their exit, with a source telling Daily Mail, “She said [she and Harry] feel like a huge weight has been lifted.”

Prince Harry is reportedly happy about the move as well, with a source telling Us Weekly, “Harry’s much happier in Canada and feels a lot more relaxed. So far he doesn’t regret the move.”

The insider added that he was “determined to protect” Meghan and Archie, sharing, “That was his No. 1 priority and that’s exactly what he’s done.”

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