Royal Experts Claim Queen Elizabeth Is Having a ‘Difficult Time Behind the Scenes’ Amid All the Family Drama

Queen Elizabeth is reportedly struggling behind the scenes as the drama with the royal family heats up. Between Prince Andrew stepping down from his royal duties and a royal feud brewing between the Cambridges and the Sussexes, things have not been easy for the royals. The drama has been especially hard on Her Majesty, who is having trouble finding the right words for her Christmas Day speech.

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | Photo by John Stillwell – WPA Pool/ Getty Images

Inside Queen Elizabeth’s struggles

Most of the royal family is getting ready to gather at Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate for the holidays. Apart from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, everyone else is expected to make an appearance with Queen Elizabeth on Christmas Day.

But in light of all the drama that has hit the family in recent months, inside sources claim that Her Majesty is having difficulty handling everything behind the scenes.

“We don’t know what the queen plans to say because we haven’t seen the speech yet,” a source shared. “It’s still at a first-draft stage because of the election, but it probably hasn’t been the easiest speech to write. It has been a very difficult time behind the scenes, and morale is at a bit of a low.”

Despite the trouble, Queen Elizabeth is still planning on hosting the royal family over the holidays. According to Cosmopolitan, all of the top royals are expected to make the trip to Sandringham this year, including Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

Harry and Meghan, of course, are in America spending Christmas with her mother, Doria Ragland. The couple flew to California a few weeks ago and are expected to remain in the states until after the holidays — but their absence is hardly the only thing on Queen Elizabeth’s mind.

Prince Andrew’s scandal ‘deeply disturbing’

One of the biggest scandals the royal family has faced this year revolves around Andrew’s controversial ties to the disgraced financier and pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew has dealt with reports about his connection to Epstein all year, and he attempted to clear the air by addressing the issue in a recent interview.

Unfortunately, Epstein’s interview completely backfired on him and led to him stepping down from his royal post. Andrew’s scandal is far from over, and royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith believes that then entire ordeal is very problematic for his family.

“The scandal around Prince Andrew has been deeply disturbing, and he will doubtless face more problems in the new year, including pressure for his testimony under oath,” Smith explained.

To make things even worse, Andrew is fully expected to appear alongside the royals on Christmas Day. His appearance is likely to make headlines, which is reportedly one reason why Queen Elizabeth is having such a hard time writing the speech.

Prince Andrew steps down

Following his disastrous interview, Andrew confirmed that he will be stepping away from his royal duties until further notice. His announcement was made after allegations resurfaced from one of Epstein’s victims, Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Giuffre claims that Epstein made her have sex with Andrew and other world leaders when she was only a teenager. Andrew has denied these allegations, despite a photo surfacing of him and Giuffre posing together.

Although it appeared as though Andrew stepped down on his own accord, inside sources claim that Queen Elizabeth is the one who fired him. Queen Elizabeth, with the support of Prince Philip, Charles, and William, allegedly forced Andrew to quit because she knew his scandal could do a lot of damage to the royal family.

And with William and Harry feuding, the Queen no longer trusts the younger generation to keep the royals out of scandals — at least not at the moment.

Queen Elizabeth gets help from Prince Charles

With the royal family seemingly falling apart at the seams, Queen Elizabeth has been getting a lot of help from her oldest son, Charles.

Smith revealed that the Queen and Charles have grown very close over the past few years as he gets more used to his expanding role within the family. Not only has Charles learned how to guide the royals without raising controversies, but Queen Elizabeth reportedly likes the way he is representing the family.

“I think it must be a comfort that she knows he will be a good king. The line of succession is secure, and you can see the Cambridges getting into their roles as a future king and queen,” Smith added.

Charles is the first in line to the throne and has been taking on a lot more responsibilities in recent years. He is believed to be increasing his workload to provide for a smooth transition once Queen Elizabeth is gone.

The royals have not addressed the rumors surrounding Andrew, Harry, and Meghan. Queen Elizabeth is expected to give her Christmas Day speech following the family’s annual church service.