Can the Royal Family Text? How Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Other Royals Keep in Touch With the Queen

The royal family might have rules against social media, but their communication skills aren’t as outdated as you think. When it comes to technology, the queen has always been “with it.” And while she doesn’t spend time posting publicly on social media, she does contact her children and grandchildren via text. And, she even knows her way around a smartphone.

Royal Family Trooping The Colour

The queen’s grandchildren allegedly communicate via group chat. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

How royals communicate

According to The Daily Mirror, the royal family has an active group chat on WhatsApp between the queen’s grandchildren. And while there is no mention of whether or not the queen is also part of it, sources say she has a cell phone and texts her family members and friends. And when it comes to understanding technology, she’s not that far off from us commoners. Like many modern-day grandmothers, she allegedly asks her granddaughter, Zara Tindall, for help with her smartphone whenever she is stuck.

Much like the Secret Service, the queen’s phone is incredibly secure and allegedly impossible to hack into. Also, it never dies. The queen’s personal assistant and senior dresser, Angela Kelly, is responsible for keeping it charged at all times. That way she never has to experience the stress of a dying phone during an important phone call.

Several reports state that while the queen might text her grandchildren from time-to-time, she keeps in touch with Princess Anne and her racing manager, John Warren, the most. Many believe Warren is the only person the queen drops everything for. No matter where she is and what she’s doing, Warren can be patched through to the queen immediately.

The royal family

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton allegedly stay away from social media. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Does the royal family have social media accounts?

In addition to her cell phone, the queen also has an iPad and laptop, and — get this — a personal Facebook account! Despite strict rules against social media, the queen has private accounts. And while there is little information on who she is friends with (and how many friends she has on the account), she most-likely follows her family members and close friends.

Much like the queen, some royal family members also have secret — and some public — social media accounts. Most famously, Prince Harry had a Facebook account under the name Spike Wells. However, after some scandalous photos leaked, he deleted his account. When he and Meghan Markle first started dating, Harry allegedly had a secret Instagram account. He used it to follow Meghan, charities, and some close friends. There’s no word on whether or not he deleted the account.

Meghan was also once highly active on social media and even had her own lifestyle blog called The Tig. However, as things got more serious with her and Harry, she deleted all of her accounts, including the blog.

Prince William and Kate Middleton reportedly don’t have secret social media accounts. However, some believe Kate has an account on the British website, Mumsnet. According to reports, she created an account after the birth of her second child and swaps parenting tips with other users.

Princess Beatrice has an official public Twitter account (@yorkiebea) and most-likely has a private Instagram account. The princess’s private account was allegedly tagged in a picture with friends on social media and Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy follows it.

Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie has a public Instagram account. Known online as @princesseugenie, the queen’s granddaughter often posts pictures of herself, her family, and her work with the royal family.

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