‘Royal Family’: What Does the Queen Eat?

Everyone wants to know what Queen Elizabeth II is up to at all times. We see her at all of her public and political engagements, but what is her private life like? What does the matriarch like to do in her free time?

There is a shroud of mystery around the Queen that makes her even more interesting to the public.

One big point of interest about Her Royal Highness is her diet. The woman is 93-years-old and still looks amazing. Not to mention, she walks around on her own and attends so many events that even a young person would get tired. So what is she fueling her body with?

What does the Queen love to eat?

Surprisingly for many years, the Queen indulged in a lot of things that most healthy people would leave off of their menus.

“The Queen is a total chocoholic,” former royal chef Darren McGrady once told Food and Wine. He said that she would commonly eat a few slices of cake in the afternoon with her tea each day.

She loves chocolate biscuit cake, but also enjoys chocolate eclairs and chocolate perfection pie, as well.

But now that the matriarch is focused on being healthier, she has let go of her chocolate addiction. Now, instead of cake with her earl gray tea, she’ll have a cucumber or salmon sandwich.

“Now, the Queen has cut back on cakes and just has sandwiches,” McGrady said.

What does the Queen eat on a typical day?

The Queen will eat four meals on a normal day. This includes breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner.

During breakfast, the Queen will typically eat a blow of cereal, a boiled egg, and some hot tea. She especially likes Special K cereal.

What she eats for lunch depends on if she is eating alone or if she has company.

If she is entertaining someone, the meal will consist of four courses. The first course will include some sort of compound salad like tomato mousse with lobster.

The entrée will feature meat like pheasant or venison.

“She loves to eat game,” McGrady told the outlet.

The next course would probably seem like dessert to Americans but is actually just considered pudding.

“Anything you would call dessert is pudding,” McGrady said. This would be something like a pie, or cake, or cookies.

And for her actual dessert, she would eat some sliced fruit.

If the Queen isn’t having guests over for lunch, her meal would be much less involved. It would typically consist of a lean meat or fish with some vegetables.

“She eats small portions,” McGrady continued.


Anyone who works for the palace must sign strict confidentiality agreements, which means they cannot speak to the press about the royals.

“Anyone who is able to speak to [what the royal family eats] are staff [members] from the 1980s and 1990s. We may have to wait 20 years until we find out about this current lot’s dietary requirements,” royal etiquette expert William Hanson once told Food & Wine.

What do the other royals eat?

While McGrady was in the palace, Prince Charles would often eat fruit for breakfast.

“He’d have two stewed plums every morning,” McGrady said.

For lunch, Prince Charles would go for Italian whenever possible.

“[He] loves Italian food, so if he can have wild mushrooms ragu with polenta or homemade pasta, that’s what he likes,” McGrady said.

For dinner, it would be something like lamb shank and vegetables.

When McGrady worked at the palace, Prince William and Prince Harry were very young so they would eat more standard meals like roasted chicken with potatoes and broccoli. But Princess Diana would often give the boys whatever they wanted.

“It was a constant battle between Nanny and Princess Diana,” McGrady said. “Nanny wanted them to have full traditional English meals, but when [the boys] were with Princess Diana, she would say, ‘if they want ribs, then let them eat ribs, if they want pizza, then let them eat pizza, if they want mac and cheese, let them eat mac and cheese—just let them eat whatever they want.'”