Royal Fans Are Pointing Out a Surprising Resemblance With Meghan British Vogue Cover Idea and a Book

The Duchess of Sussex may be in hot water over her British Vogue cover.  The September issue of British Vogue should have been a triumph for Meghan Markle, who designed the cover and guest-edited the entire magazine. Instead of applause, the magazine cover has some wondering if the idea is truly original.  

The cover features 15 women, all of whom the duchess sees as promoting change in some way.  There’s also a mirror in the middle of the page, indicating to readers that they too are forces of change.  

The cover is similar to ‘The Game Changers’

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Meghan Markle | @SUSSEXROYAL/AFP/Getty Images

In 2016, Markle contributed to a coffee table book that highlighted “trailblazing” women. If that sounds familiar, that’s because it’s similar to the subject of the British Vogue issue. 

Markle was featured in the coffee table book and appears on the cover.  Some have remarked at the similarity of the two covers. Both consist of black and white photographs of the contributors on a black background.  

There are differences between the book and the magazine

There are some notable differences between the book and the magazine.  The full title of the book is The Game Changers: Success Secrets from 40 Women at the Top. The book is dedicated to helping women get ahead in their chosen area of expertise. Actresses are featured, including Markle, as well as social media stars.  

Markle’s Vogue issue focuses more on women who are creating social change, which is not the same as the subject of the book. The two are quite similar but different enough that it probably wasn’t copied.

The two covers are different in one major, obvious way. Markle’s Vogue cover has a diverse array of women of different races, ability levels, and backgrounds.  Her Vogue cover features a picture of Greta Thunberg, a teenager, and one of Jane Fonda, who is in her eighties. The Duchess of Sussex found a group of women diverse in every possible way. 

In contrast, the book cover features mostly white women, of mostly the same age. Markle’s panel of women is clearly a better representation of women from all walks of life, doing all kinds of amazing things.  

How does Meghan Markle feel about the Vogue issue? 

The duchess is proud of her work. She certainly worked hard on the issue.  The whole thing took seven months to put together. That means Markle was pregnant and gave birth to Baby Archie all while working on the magazine.  That’s impressive, especially for a first time mom. 

Even though the issue is widely praised, Markle wishes she had done her interview with Michelle Obama differently. 

Markle found the former First Lady so down to earth, that she felt the questions could have gone deeper.  While an in-depth conversation between the duchess and Obama would have been amazing, there are so many great things about this issue of Vogue that fans probably won’t mind.  

After a careful evaluation of the book and the magazine, it seems likely that Markle didn’t intend to copy the book. The book’s cover style isn’t very unique or original. Considering the fact that the book and magazine covers are just headshots in a line, the style of the cover has probably been used many times. Markle’s extra touch of the mirror is unique, as is the magazine’s content. After all, it’s what’s inside that matters most.