Royal Fans Can’t Stop Talking About Kate Middleton’s Perfect Hair

Prince George and Princess Charlotte started school yesterday and everyone should be talking about how adorable and grown-up they looked in their uniforms. To some extent, people are discussing that. But ever since the short video clip was released, an equally compelling topic of conversation is how incredibly amazing Kate Middleton’s hair looked.

“She looks like she’s in a Pantene commercial,” one royal fan mused while watching the Duchess of Cambridge’s golden brown locks bouncing over her shoulders.

Kate Middleton has always had great hair. But it seems like lately, it’s been looking better than ever. And some fans are even convinced she’s using her hair to send subtle messages.

Kate Middleton lightened her hair for fall

Most women opt for lighter highlights in the summer and darker hair hues for colder months. But everyone was quite surprised to see the Duchess of Cambridge step out for her children’s first day of school with a shorter, lightened version of her normal chestnut hair coloring.

Her mane looked vibrant, shiny, and bouncy, plus super healthy. The honey-colored highlights complemented her skin tone, making Middleton look young and vibrant.

Some fans think Kate Middleton’s hair change means something

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Eagle-eyed royal fans are insistent that the Duchess of Cambridge always changes her hairstyle right before she announces a new baby on the way, which is causing many of them to speculate that she might be gearing up to share news about a fourth pregnancy soon. But others argue it’s not likely.

For one thing, Kate Middleton did accompany her kids to their first day of school this year, which she couldn’t do when Prince George began his tenure at St. Thomas’s Battersea because she was too ill from being pregnant with Prince Louis. If she was in her first trimester now, the same thing would probably happen.

Plus, Kate Middleton makes subtle changes to her hair every year, and most of the time they mean nothing.

The Duchess of Cambridge may be taking cues from Princess Diana

The fact that Kate Middleton’s hair hasn’t changed all that much over the years might be partly due to Princess Diana’s influence. The Princess of Wales famously never made dramatic changes to her hair because it would have sent the press into a frenzy, so she kept things mostly the same over the years.

Now Kate Middleton is following similar rules. This shorter, lighter hairstyle — which isn’t too different from what she had before — is the most dramatic change she’s made in years.

Great hair runs in Kate Middleton’s family

So many onlookers are asking the same question: How can we get hair that’s as stunning as Kate Middleton’s? Unfortunately, it’s a matter of genetics, and it’s impossible to change those.

Kate and Pippa
Kate and Pippa Middleton | Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Kate Middleton’s sister Pippa also has a stunning mane, which helps prove that beautiful hair runs in their family.

It probably helps that Kate Middleton has access to all the best hair stylists and fancy products in the world. However, as fans pointed out after the Cambridge’s first day of school, considering how much Kate Middleton likes to do things herself there’s a good chance she does her own blowouts.

Kate Middleton is and always will be the epitome of hair goals!