Royal Fans Still Don’t Want Camilla to Become Queen

As all royal fans know, Prince Charles is next in the British line of succession to become the King of the United Kingdom. While he alone will be the ruling monarch when this ultimately happens, there is a chance that his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, will become what is known as a Queen Consort.

This simply means that she is married to a ruling King of the country, and she does not rule in her own right. However, when 4000 people were recently polled regarding their feelings about Camilla being the next queen, the numbers were somewhat disappointing. Why is it that royal fans do not want the Duchess of Cornwall to become the Queen of England?

The relationship between Prince Charles and Diana

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Diana may have been a Princess of the United Kingdom, but she was loved by fans all over the world! Known as the “People’s Princess”, the residents of the United Kingdom were happy about the prospect of Diana becoming queen when she was married to Prince Charles.

However, the relationship between Charles and Diana was somewhat of a rocky one. Despite Diana being so well-liked by the public, Charles famously treated her with disrespect, and it is even thought that he was unfaithful, secretly seeing Camilla before he and Diana were actually divorced. 

Many fans have not forgiven Prince Charles

Although the marriage of Charles and Diana ended many years ago in 1996, it would appear as if many royal fans are having a hard time forgiving him for how he treated the beloved Princess! Even after their divorce, Diana was very much loved and respected by the public, and she continued to touch the lives of people worldwide.

It may be for this reason that Camilla was never fully accepted by the people of England, and why they are struggling with the idea of her becoming queen of the country.

It is up to Charles as to if Camilla becomes queen

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Ultimately, the decision will be up to Prince Charles as to whether his wife will be granted the title of Queen Consort when he takes the throne at some point in the future.

Of the 4,000 people that participated in the poll, over 3,000 of them said they did not want to see Camilla take the title of queen. Although this is most likely hurtful to the Duchess, it is a decision that will be left up to the Prince of Wales.

Is it Camilla’s fault?

While many people likely have different opinions as to whether it is Camilla’s fault that Charles didn’t exactly treat Diana as he should have, fans should take into consideration that she shouldn’t necessarily be held responsible for what happened in their relationship!

Camilla is very well-liked by the queen, and it has been said that she gets along wonderfully with Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. Over the years, she has also done an impressive amount of charity work and has represented the Royal Family in a very positive way.

Does Camilla get along with Prince William and Prince Harry?

Camilla has been married to Prince Charles for quite a few years, so it is safe to say that the resentment is pretty much gone at this point! Although the two princes were not very close to Camilla in the beginning, they seem to have put their feelings aside over the years and have accepted her as their father’s wife as well as their stepmother. Although they may not spend a lot of time with her, it would appear as if the relationship between Camilla and the son’s of Prince Charles is just fine.

Despite the disappointing results of the poll, it remains to be seen as to if Camilla will ever be granted the title of Queen Consort. We do know, however, that Prince Charles will take the decision seriously, and together with Camilla, they are sure to make the right choice!