Royal Source Says Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘Are Truly in Love With Each Other’

Ever since Meghan, Duchess of Sussex married into the royal family, she has taken more than her fair share of criticism in the news media. Whether it be for her family drama or her skills as a brand new mother, it would seem that everyone is eager to voice their opinion.

Over the past few years, things have gotten pretty out of hand, with some sources such as the Celebrity Castle going so far as to say that her relationship with Prince Harry isn’t even real. In recent weeks, however, we have seen a new side of the couple as they returned to the United Kingdom to carry out their final royal duties.

Not only do the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear much more relaxed, but they even seem to be supporting each other a little more than they have in the past. It is wonderful to see Meghan and Prince Harry so happy, as Megxit is almost official and they are at the beginning of a new phase in their lives.

Now, a royal source confirms what fans already knew — that Prince Harry and Meghan “are truly in love with each other.”

How did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry meet?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attend an official photo call.
Prince Harry and Mehgan Markle | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal fans know the story of how Meghan and Prince Harry first met each other. They were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend, and to say that things went well from the first second is an understatement.

According to Grazia Daily, Meghan asked her friend if Prince Harry was nice before meeting him since she knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to date him if he wasn’t.

In their engagement interview, Prince Harry told the world that he wasn’t familiar with Meghan before the date, never having watched her television show, Suits. Even though he went into the first meeting not knowing what to expect, Prince Harry was pleasantly surprised when he saw Meghan waiting for him.

They definitely enjoyed each other’s company and made plans to meet up again quickly. The relationship blossomed, and before we knew it, they were an official couple and have never looked back.

What have people said about Meghan and Harry’s relationship in the past?

There is no doubt that Meghan and Prince Harry have an extremely high-profile relationship. From the very beginning, everyone has gone out of their way to try and analyze things, whether it be their body language or the way they look at each other.

So, what have people said in the past? According to Her, fans have thought that Meghan is a bit domineering, and that controls Prince Harry just a little too much.

It was before Megxit was announced that people thought Meghan was trying to change her husband, and they didn’t like it one little bit. A royal expert went so far as to say that Meghan “took over” in the relationship and that she wasn’t popular or accepted by his friends.

A royal source confirms that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘are truly in love with each other’

After the royal exit, it is almost as if a huge weight has been lifted off of both Meghan and Prince Harry’s shoulders. Now, a royal source says that they really are “in love,” and we are seeing them acting more “real” toward each other.

People reports that Meghan was comforting when Prince Harry was a little emotional during his final royal duties and that she was there for him the entire time. We think it is wonderful that the couple is in a place where they can feel more relaxed and that people are actually noticing. Now that we know that their love runs deep, we are excited to see what will happen for them in the future.