Ruby Rose Makes History In the Upcoming CW Series ‘Batwoman’

While everyone was busy speculating about Robert Pattinson and whether or not he will play the next Batman, something much cooler happened in the DC universe.

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose | Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

On Thursday, the CW released the “first look” trailer of their upcoming series, Batwoman. With this release, Ruby Rose quietly made history in her new role as Kate Kane. Portraying the franchise’s first openly lesbian superhero, Rose helps to add some much-needed diversity to the DC comic universe.

Batwoman’s origin story

But, Rose isn’t the only character in Batwoman who is part of the LGBT community. Every superhero needs an origin story; a catalyst that propels them to adopt a new identity and fight against the forces of evil. For this particular rendition of Batwoman, the catalyst comes by way of Kane’s love interest, Sophie, who portrayed by Megan Tandy.

When Sophie gets kidnapped by Alice, a villain terrorizing Gotham city, Kane goes on a personal mission to help find her and bring those responsible to justice. When Crows Security (led by Kane’s father) fails to provide answers quickly enough, Kane takes matters into her own hands and steps in to do some investigating of her own. Though she promises her father she won’t interfere, it’s clear that the situation is too personal for her not to get involved.

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Risking it all

With a clear military background, Kane opts to set out on alone and find answers about her Sophie’s disappearance. Though she clearly has the skills of a well-trained fighter, Kane missteps when she tackles this mission unprotected and without backup. This causes her father to fear for her life and plead with her to let his company handle the dire situation. “You’re all I have left, Kate, and I don’t want to lose you too.”

Still, despite her father’s warnings, Kane can’t keep away from the chaos and crime of the city. This eventually lands her in a whole heap of trouble as she is captured by Alice. “I need you to send your father a message” Alice sneers, before slamming a baseball bat into Kane’s face.

Batwoman begins

Despite setbacks, Kane remains committed to her goal of rescuing Sophie by any means necessary. As Batman (Kane’s cousin) seems to have disappeared for good, she breaks into his home and demands that his suit be “fixed.”

“The suit is literal perfection,” Batman’s employee adamantly declares.

“It will be… when it fits a woman.” Kane shoots back.

It’s clear that Batwoman, like Batman, lives life on her own terms and believes that rules were meant to be broken. She shares her cousin’s innate strength and hunger for justice, so much so that the citizens of Gotham actually mistake her for Batman. But Kane has no intention of letting them remain misinformed.

“They think I’m him. I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work,” she says.

It’s clear with that statement that this series has a deliciously feminist flair, and we are chomping at the bit to tune it.

When does the series premiere?

Batwoman is set to premiere this fall on the CW. While the network has not yet released an official date, they have announced that the series will air on Sundays.

We certainly can’t wait for the healthy dose of female power and empowerment. But, for now, the trailer will have to do.