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Ruby Rose is the leading openly lesbian actress inHollywood and is working hard to do her community proud, along with the rest of us eager movie watchers.

From those who enjoyed her stunning performance in Orange Is the New Black to her 2018 release of The Meg, it should come as no surprise that she was also cast to spotlight as the first lead lesbian superhero in the Batwoman series.

But for all the incredible success Rose has been enjoying, you might be wondering why she’s disappeared from Twitter and comments on her Instagram page have been turned off.

Where is Ruby Rose? Why did she leave social media, and does she have any intention of coming back? Based on her comments, it looks like she won’t be rejoining tweet-storm any time soon.

Why Ruby Rose left social media

Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Rose has always been an outspoken actress, openly gay with a stunningly glamorous-yet-androgynous style. She became a hit in her role on Orange Is the New Black, and her success has only rolled forward from there. Despite her strong positive support of the LGBTQ community, the community’s response to her has been extremely mixed. Especially since she was cast as Batwoman, a Jewish lesbian living in Gotham who fights her inner demons to become Gotham’s new iconically feminine hero.

The flood of comments in response to this varied wildly between effusive and enthusiastic praise to vicious attacks and criticisms. Some even falsely arguing that she wasn’t a lesbian, and therefore did not qualify for the role. Rose had already expressed her sadness at the viciousness displayed on social media during the feud between Taylor Swift and Khloe Kardashian as reported by USA Today and has spoken out during other occasions against online bullying and negativity. 

When she was faced with surprising negativity regarding the Batwoman casting, that was enough. As reported by Adweek, Rose let everyone know that she needed to focus on her work with The Meg and that she “really [doesn’t] have to deal with all the noise.”

She deleted her Twitter account and still posts on Instagram, but with comments turned off so she can focus on her work.

Why Rose hasn’t come back

Some of you may be wondering where Ruby Rose is since The Meg came out last year and that was her main given reason for leaving social media. The truth is that Rose wasn’t thrilled by social media in the first place. Initially, she wanted to use Twitter to announce The Meg‘s release and return to the platform.

But since leaving, she’s admitted that Twitter has become too opinion-based and politically charged to be great for promoting much of anything. There is too much negativity with the positivity, and people often spew their displeasure without checking their facts or considering the impact of their words.

Rose concluded that she’s been told that she must take the negative to take the positive from social media, and is willing to do without either. Her fanbase will remain awesome, and her detractors can go unheard by her. As far as Rose is concerned, they’re just a distraction to her work.

How Rose is doing without social media

By all accounts, Rose hasn’t come back because she doesn’t miss the constant flood of opinionated responses to her work. And she’s certainly proving she doesn’t need it. With Batwoman coming out this October, Ruby’s still got plenty of work to do.

If she really quit social media to focus on her craft, then we applaud her because she is clearly doing just fine without it. Rose is still receiving plenty of praise from her fans and still happily ignoring her social media critics and it doesn’t look like she misses Twitter one bit. As quoted by NBC News, Rose signed off saying “If you need me, I’ll be on my Bat Phone.”