‘Runaways’ Cast Spotted at Marvel Studios: Could They Have a Future In the MCU?

As Marvel tries to bring a new generation of superheroes to their future slate, many MCU fans are wondering if Runaways on Hulu will end up having a connection with the MCU in the indefinite future. At the moment, the online Hulu series continues to be the very last of all Marvel TV shows in existence. Even if it airs online, it’s still considered a Marvel TV show in line with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Because Marvel shows are almost extinct, it’s possible Runaways will become some kind of saving grace in an MCU crossover. There isn’t any official word of this, but Reddit fans say the cast of the show have been spotted at Marvel Studios, leading many to think they’ll have a movie crossover eventually.

‘Runaways’ will end soon

Marvel's Runaways cast on the red carpet
Cast of Marvel’s Runaways | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Hulu

Despite Hulu’s Runaways about to begin its third season, it’s going to be its last after facing cancellation. Fans of the show are still reeling about that, but it definitely had a lot of possibilities thanks to compelling characters and storylines.

All of these Marvel TV show cancellations are just the strongest indicator yet of how Disney wants to focus Marvel content on Disney+ and on the big-screen.

Deciding what gets the big-screen treatment and what goes to Disney+, though, can frequently be loaded with debates.

From the outset, having a Runaways reboot on Disney+ would maybe make sense considering the market audience for it is decidedly teenagers. The entire cast are teens, playing character who fight against their own parents, aka a criminal enterprise known as The Pride.

Plus, what better streaming concept than to have a nerd become a superhero? In this case, it’s Alex Wilder (Rhenzy Feliz) who happens to become the leader of the Runaways.

What are the chances of ‘Runaways’ becoming a new movie franchise?

Reddit users are all over the rumor of the Runaways cast being seen at Marvel Studios back in October. At the time, everyone was excited it maybe meant the cast being set up for a future movie, though obviously beyond Phase Four.

As some Reddit users noted, Kevin Feige has shown some interest in bringing the Runaways into the MCU fray. How they’re connected to the MCU is worth exploring a little more.

Since all the past Marvel shows did reference things going on in the MCU, few to none ever did a crossover. Just knowing these shows existed in the same universe, however, has always added a more intriguing layer they arguably wouldn’t have otherwise.

All Reddit fans say numerous connections have been made in Runaways to the MCU, usually through passing mentions by the teen superheroes. Those who’ve watched Marvel TV shows know they’ve all done the referencing of the MCU, outside of everyone knowing there wouldn’t be a real interaction with the movie characters.

There arguably should be a young superhero team for MCU’s future

No doubt there’s a little worry internally at Marvel about whether audiences will connect with new superheroes in the future. For the last 11 years, an entire generation has grown up watching the original Avengers cast make film history and set a profound precedent for superhero movies.

Introducing new characters (especially teenagers) might be considered a bit controversial and maybe obvious in trying to connect with millennial audiences.

Since most of the Runaways cast is fairly inclusive, there’s every reason to believe they could easily cross over to the MCU. After all, as Reddit users note, those characters have mentioned Wakanda more than once.

How great would it be to see them link up with the cast of Black Panther, or the rest of the Avengers in some capacity?

If there is a movie or a new Disney+ project, it’ll likely be a while. By the time something happens, the teen cast might be too old to play their respective parts again, which would be a shame considering their chemistry has always been A-grade.