‘Runaways’ Finale: Is This Proof Fans Won’t Get a Disappointing Ending?

A lot of Marvel TV show fans are lamenting the recent cancellation of Runaways on Hulu, even though rumors continue to circulate about it continuing in some way later. If that does happen, one has to wonder if the teen cast will be able to stay intact considering how fast young adults mature.

Some fans are looking at the end of Runaways as just a natural conclusion rather than being cut off without a proper finale. Even if the other Marvel shows feel like they left too soon, there appears to be almost an Endgame plan in mind for this final Runaways third season.

What kind of plot points will it explore in a way that gives it an organic ending? Don’t necessarily count Runaways out later on Disney+, but the ending could be epic.

‘Runaways’ will connect with ‘Cloak and Dagger’ in one episode

Marvel's Runaways cast
Jeph Loeb, Rheny Feliz, Gregg Sulkin, VIrginia Gardner, Allegra Accosta, Ariela Barer, Lyrica Okano, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for Hulu

To give a more complete circle to the story, Runaways is going to connect with the characters of Cloak & Dagger as a bit of thematic closure. Considering C&D has a similar premise (unrelated teens who discover they have special powers), the connection to the MCU as a whole will look more complete.

Originally, there was full intention to keep Runaways and Cloak & Dagger separate so each show could find its own audience. With both ending now, it made sense to have a crossover episode in December. What this entails isn’t known at the time of this writing, yet the trailer released for it clearly shows chaos brewing for all the teens.

Since the beginning, there was the encroaching issue of the Runaways finding a way to escape their villain parents, aka The Pride. All of the teen character managed to escape the parental clutches while not making the story over.

In the third season, all indications show a major war approaching between the Runaways and the Pride, including Morgan le Fay being in the mix.

Crossing over superheroes with a war is more than a little like ‘Endgame’

What better way to wrap up the Runaways than to give them a finale similar to the biggest MCU movie ever made to date? Everyone’s been waiting for more deliberate MCU crossovers with these shows, and it never really happened other than slight references.

Giving the finale a big-budget war while crossing over with other superheroes give the potential for something memorable, if not a tip-off maybe it isn’t the end after all.

The fan base for the show went wild on Reddit back in October when the cast of Runaways were seen hanging around the Marvel Studios offices for reasons unknown. Thoughts were Kevin Feige is setting up something for a Disney+ series later, or maybe a movie franchise.

Nothing has come out about why they were there. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if Feige came up with the idea to offer an Endgame-like finale for the Hulu series.

What kind of war will it be?

Should Runaways end like Endgame, things could become epic. Having legendary comic book villain Morgan le Fay in the middle of it could be as memorable as Thanos, if not possessing exactly the same powers. This isn’t to say the Runaways battling the Pride won’t be even more similar since both have unusual abilities.

The battle sequences may have a lot of emotion behind them when you place into perspective these are their parents they’ll be battling. No doubt it’ll lead to some emotional deaths as well, if hopefully none for the appealing teen cast.

Just like in the MCU, however, if one cast member dies, they’ll likely be brought back later if there really is a reboot down the line. If not, it’ll make whoever inevitably dies much more heartfelt at a possible permanent death.

In the chance it ends up being the Runaways leader (Alex Wilder), everyone can say it really was like Endgame when Tony Stark had his dramatic death scene.