RuPaul Reveals Why He Never Gets Nervous Onstage

RuPaul is known all around the world as being a pioneer for the transgender community. He is known as a diverse entertainer that can sing, dance, tell jokes, act, and host TV shows.

It seems like when it comes to the entertainment industry, there is nothing that RuPaul can’t do well. In the ’90s, he was one of the first cross-dressing entertainers to ever become famous on a global scale. He was not only a natural-born entertainer, but he was also an inspiration to anyone who was struggling to come to terms with their identity.

By showing the world that you could literally be anything that you wanted to be, he was able to give others the courage dress however they wanted and be their true selves in public without worrying about what others thought.

While RuPaul has been around for several decades, he has gained his most recent notoriety for creating and hosting VH1’s hit show, Drag Race. He has also started his own daytime talk show that recently aired on Fox in a three-week test run and had gotten tremendously good feedback from fans.

Even though RuPaul is a veteran entertainer, many fans still wonder if he ever gets nervous to be on stage. So, does this world-renowned entertainer still get stage fright from time to time? Here is what we know.

RuPaul’s early life

TV personality RuPaul | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

RuPaul was born on November 17, 1960, in San Diego, California. He grew up in a loving home with his mother and father and three sisters. When he was seven years old, however, his parents got a divorce and he ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia with his sister and her husband.

In the late ’80s, RuPaul and his roommate moved to New York to drag queen shows at various bars and clubs. His drag shows quickly became so popular that by the mid-90s, he was known as the Queen of New York.

When he performed in his shows, people had noticed that he actually had a very nice singing voice. In 1991, he was signed with Tommy Boy Records and soon came out with his first single entitled, “Supermodel (You Better Work).” 

After that, Ru went on to act in a wide range of shows and movies, including Sister Sister and The Brady Bunch Movie. 

Does RuPaul ever get nervous on stage?

With RuPaul’s new talk show coming out, BuzzFeed decided to ask him a series of “burning questions” that pertained to his career and personal life. One of the questions that were asked was if he ever got nervous to interview anyone.

He replied by saying: “I’ve been around for a while. Whenever I go on stage, I think, ‘Okay, Ru, you are going into mama’s living room.’ I would perform for my mother in the living room. I could do no wrong there. She would love whatever I did, as long as I showed up and did it, so I kept that philosophy my whole life.”

The fact that RuPaul has been performing for his mother since he was a young child has helped to mold him into the confident and creative entertainer that we all know and love today.

His loving and supportive mother had given him the encouragement and confidence that was needed to get on stage and do what he loves to do.

RuPaul’s daytime talk show

It seems as if RuPaul’s entire career has been working for the moment that he would get his own talk show. He actually did have his own talk show in the ’90s on VH1, but he had hosted the show completely in drag.

This year, Ru has stripped off all of the glamorous wigs, clothing, and jewelry. And has instead, decided to host the show in his natural appearance. 

His talk show is unlike anything we have ever seen before. It starts out with BeyoncĂ©’s backup dancers dancing across the stage. Then, RuPaul comes out and gives a quick inspirational speech about love before moving on to his lineup of celebrity guests.

The entire show is both inspirational and fun. We definitely hope that the network decides to pick up this show for a full season this fall.