Ryan Culberson Asks for Prayers as Briana Culberson From ‘RHOC’ Has Another Surgery

Although Briana Culberson from The Real Housewives of Orange County is reportedly feeling a lot better thanks to the Keto diet, she underwent another surgery.

Her husband, Ryan posted to Instagram. “Please keep Briana in your thoughts and prayers today! Clavicle surgery that has been way overdue.” He also included an adorable pre-op photo of his wife looking like she was ready to go.

Briana Culberson, Vicki Gunvlson
Briana Culberson, Vicki Gunvlson |Dale Berman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

A number of RHOC cast members, including Briana’s mother Vicki Gunvalson, wished her well. Plus Briana responded to a comment that sounded like she was feeling pretty confident and strong.

This surgery may be related to an injury

Although Briana has battled auto-immune disease Lupus, clavicle surgery may be due to a fracture. Since Briana is a nurse and busy mother of two young boys, she’s on her feet and likely lifting and moving her children and maybe even patients. If she’s having issues with her clavicle or collarbone, she may often be in pain.

According to Vail Health, collarbone motion impacts normal bodily movement. “The clavicle has an important function. It serves as a strut connecting your arm to your chest wall. The motion of your shoulder blade is dependent on normal alignment. As you lift your arm the clavicle elevates rotates and retracts. Thus if your clavicle fractures and heals shortened it can cause abnormal scapula motion and possibly shoulder pain and weakness. The clavicle also protects lung tissue and nerves.”

Most collarbone fractures don’t require surgery. However, it is not clear whether Briana’s surgery was due to a fracture or another issue.  Some reasons surgery may be necessary include a badly displaced fracture, if the fracture is impacting the dominant arm or risk of nonunion during healing.

This won’t be her first surgery

Unfortunately, Briana has gone under the knife on other occasions. RHOC chronicled some of her health battles, even a terrifying moment where she needed sudden emergency attention. During an episode, Vicki recounts the horrific moment. “She’s passing out in front of me,” she said in confessional, Radar Online recounts. “Briana is gasping for air. She says she’s not gonna make it.”

Briana explained what she was dealing with during the RHOC season 11 finale. “It’s better. I had a major surgery on my neck a couple months ago to remove more tumors and they figured out that I have lupus,” she said, Bravo’s The Daily Dish reports. “They said that I still can possibly be very early lymphoma that’s not detectable. So I have to be diligent but for now it’s just lupus.”

In 2018, Briana underwent a similar procedure to what Tamra Judge’s husband Eddie faced too. “Please keep my wife in your thoughts and prayers! Her lupus is causing inflammation around her heart and is causing it to go in and out of irregular heart rhythms now requiring her to have a cardiac ablation,” Ryan shared. In 2017 she also required surgery for a rare fracture and disease progression called eagle syndrome.

She credits Keto to her newfound health

After her family moved to North Carolina, she and husband Ryan embarked upon a health and wellness journey. Over several months, the couple managed to drop a whopping 112 pounds between the two of them.

Ryan has been active on Instagram, sharing tips and insights into how Keto has helped his wife find newfound health and wellness. In fact, Ryan told one Instagram follower, Briana’s doctor was the one who recommended it for her. She also shared, “All I know is I’ve been Keto for 14 months and my daily lupus symptoms are so much more manageable!”