Ryan Reynolds’ ‘6 Underground’ Film Doesn’t Have a Lot of Fans

Michael Bay is a director who makes a lot of movies for car lovers. Not only does his work in the Transformers franchise feature a lot of cool cars, but his work in the Bad Boys movies also showcased some great car chase sequences.

So, when Netflix teamed up with Bay to create a blockbuster action movie about vigilantes, many people were excited to see the result.

The movie that Netflix and Bay made was 6 Underground, and unfortunately, nobody really likes it. But, at the very least, since it’s on Netflix, the audience didn’t really have to pay to see it.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds | Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

What ‘6 Underground’ is about

Like a lot of blockbuster action movies, most people aren’t watching it for the story. That’s the same story with 6 Underground, as the story is just there to give Bay an excuse to do some cool action sequences. 

‘6 Underground’ stars Ryan Reynolds as the leader of a squad of six vigilantes. Unlike Deadpool, the other vigilante that Reynolds is better-known for playing, Reynolds’ character in 6 Underground is a billionaire vigilante. Basically, he’s like Batman or Iron Man, but without a cool suit. 

In ‘6 Underground,’ Reynolds and his crew of vigilantes, like any vigilantes, want to take criminals down. And, like in any movies about vigilantes or superheroes, this crew has one big target that they have to work hard to take down.

In 6 Underground that target is the dictator of an entirely fictional country. 

Why nobody likes ‘6 Underground’

Obviously, movies are subjective and there are definitely people who like this movie. But, by and large, this movie hasn’t been highly reviewed. According to Rotten Tomatoes, only 38% of critics liked the movie. Like many critics said, ‘6 Underground’ is a very obvious Michael Bay movie that unfortunately, does what Bay usually does at his worst. 

That is to say, Bay’s movies haven’t been very kind to women. There are two women in the vigilante squad, one played by Melanie Laurent and the other played by Adria Arjona, and both have great action scenes in the movie. However, like many of Bay’s movies, they, as women, also serve as sexual objects in the movie.

This objectification of women was one of the more common issues that critics had with the movie. But, another common complaint was that it was just a boring movie.

This is not something that an action movie should be, but, for many critics and audiences member, it was just not a very exciting or interesting movie to watch. 

The one good part with cars in ‘6 Underground’

While many people didn’t like the movie, many people also agreed that the best part of ‘6 Underground’ happens in the very beginning. In the first 20 or so minutes of the movie, there’s a big action sequence that involves the crew trying to make a getaway. This getaway, of course, is a car driven by Dave Franco, who plays a race car driver turned vigilante. 

The bad guys are trying to catch up with the crew, so there’s a big car chase sequence that has a lot going on. Meanwhile, the movie is introducing the main characters, and this sets up a high-energy pace that, unfortunately, doesn’t last very long.

In any case, these first 20 or so minutes are definitely the best part of the movie. If you have nothing else to do right now, you might as well turn on Netflix and watch the first 20 or so minutes of 6 Underground. Be aware though, the rest of the movie isn’t like those first 20 minutes, but those 20 minutes are a great ride nonetheless.