Ryan Reynolds Almost Gave Us an Adult ‘Home Alone,’ But The Reboot Is Still Pretty Different

Ryan Reynolds has proven himself to be one of the funniest actors out there. He completely embodies the role of Deadpool and are nothing short of hilarious. There’s never a dull moment on his social media pages, and he knows how to spin a viral moment in everyone’s favor. But did you know that Reynolds was developing a Home Alone spin-offs (of sorts)? And it was not going to be a family-friendly affair.

Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of Netflix's '6 Underground.'
Ryan Reynolds at the premiere of Netflix’s ‘6 Underground’ | Jason Mendez/WireImage

Ryan Reynolds was originally going to produce a ‘Stoned Alone’ movie

Deadline reported on July 25, 2018, that Reynolds was developing a movie based on Home Alone, but it was an adult film titled Stoned Alone. He was going to produce and possibly star in it, while Augustine Frizzell was going to direct. It was attached to Fox, which is the original studio behind the first film in 1990 and is now owned by Disney. 

It would have been just as you’d expect. Imagine Kevin McCallister’s story but with a weed-enthusiast who grows their own marijuana at home. He misses the plane to go on a holiday ski trip and stays home to do what he does best: smoke. Burglars break-in, and the hijinks ensue.

Instead, Disney is reimagining ‘Home Alone’ for Disney+

Macaulay Culkin poses with his iconic 'Home Alone' face.
Macaulay Culkin poses with his iconic ‘Home Alone’ face | Time Life Pictures/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

While it doesn’t look like there’s an official cancellation of the project, it hasn’t gone anywhere. Instead, Disney is doing a reboot of the more family-oriented Home AloneIn August, Disney announced at D23 Expo that they were working on a remake, and it would premiere on Disney+.

And then in December, they announced the cast of the Home Alone reboot. Archie Yates, who plays Yorki, Jojo’s friend in Jojo Rabbit, will be the boy in the Kevin McCallister-type role, but his name will be different. Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, The Office) and Rob Delaney (Catastrophe, Deadpool 2). Variety reported that Kemper and Delaney are in lead roles as well, but it’s not clear if they’ll be Yates’ character’s parents or other adults in the film. 

The ‘Home Alone’ Reboot isn’t really a reboot, but there are similarities 

While this new film’s marketing posits it as a Home Alone reboot, it’s actually going to be quite different. As stated above, the leading child isn’t going to be Kevin McCallister, following the premise of similarities between the two films, but not a direct reboot. The title is also reported different, too, according to ScreenRant. 

The outlet reports that the movie “will be literally divisive, as a kid squares off against two adults,” and the “premise will seemingly cater to various demographics via the kids vs. parents concept.” This makes sense since the concept of a kid getting left at home or lost in a significant city with virtually no way to contact his parents would be far-fetched in 2019/2020. With cell phones usually readily available to kids nowadays, if a family left their child at home on accident, they could order him an Uber or at least video chat. There are even home security cameras or other devices available that could deter a child from having as much fun as Kevin had in the original. 

And even if the kid didn’t have a cell phone because of his age or strict parents, getting lost in New York might be a bit harder too. So it seems like the reboot is taking the modern times into account, deviating away from the original. Even though Reynold’s Stoned Alone might not happen, this updated Disney+ “reboot” might hit home with old and new fans alike.