Ryan Reynolds Wants ‘Deadpool 3’ to Explore This in Greater Depth

Ever since the Fox/Disney merger, rumors surrounding Deadpool’s MCU introduction have been sprouting up across all corners of the internet. Will the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) preserve the character’s identity, allowing an R-Rated feature starring a quick-tongued Ryan Reynolds under the family-friendly Disney umbrella? 

Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool
Ryan Reynolds attends a fan screening of ‘Deadpool’ | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

Will a third standalone installment even happen, or will Marvel Studios choose to sprinkle the character across other Avengers movies? Will Deadpool team up with other X-Men now that Fox no longer owns the rights to butcher and rewrite mutant history as it pleases? The list goes on and on. However, Ryan Reynolds recently spoke out concerning the Merc With a Mouth, and it looks like Disney has already begun working on his third project. Reynolds stated:

Yeah, we’re working on it right now with the whole team,” Reynolds said. “We’re over at Marvel now, which is like the big leagues all of a sudden. It’s kinda crazy. So yeah, we’re working on it.


While confirmation alone is great news, recent insider reports kicked things up a notch, sharing specifics surrounding the one character quality that Ryan Reynolds allegedly wants to see the third installment explore in greater depth. 

Ryan Reynolds reportedly wants to explore Deadpool’s pansexuality 

According to We Got This Covered, sources close to the outlet — the same ones who knew Taskmaster would be the villain in Black Widow and that Marvel was eyeing Daniel Radcliffe for Moon Knight — recently revealed that Ryan Reynolds has expressed interest in diving further into the character’s known pansexuality. According to the source, Marvel is on board with the idea. 

While instances in prior Deadpool movies have alluded to the character’s sexual orientation via humor or brief interactions, the films have yet to explicitly denote the character’s romantic or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their gender identity or sex.

The Merc with a Mouth is not limited when it comes to his sexual choices, as WGTC explains, and Marvel Studios may just decide to walk firmly down this path in the third installment.

What’s the plan moving forward? 

How the movie will go about penning Deadpool’s pansexuality into the third script remains unknown; however, the insiders claim that such an attribute will not be minimized to a few lines of dialogue or a brief physical implication. 

If Marvel Studios decides to explore the Merc’s pansexuality, as Ryan Reynolds allegedly desires, they will do so with great attention to detail, ensuring respect and narrative weight. 

Considering Deadpool 3 is under the MCU umbrella, the movie is (sort of) free to change or adjust the prior Fox movies. This is not to say that Deadpool 3 will completely rewrite the character; however, there is a bit more freedom when it comes to continuity than is normally the case in franchise films of this sort. As of now, information surrounding Deadpool 3 remains scarce; however, here’s to hoping that when the trailer drops, fans are thrilled with any and all decisions the MCU decides to pursue.