The Sad Reason Taylor Swift Isn’t Touring More For ‘Lover’

Now that Lover is here, fans can’t wait to hear Taylor Swift perform her new songs in concert. Aside from a few lucky fans who saw her on Saturday Night Live or at a recent Los Angeles concert, everyone is eager to see how they’re done live. Unfortunately, not that many U.S. fans will get a chance to do so, as she is touring just two cities here. Read on to learn why.

Swift is headlining a ‘Lover’ tour in 2020

Swift is all about aesthetics. Her sixth album, reputation, was very dark, featuring a lot of black and dramatic tones to it. Lover, conversely, has, since the beginning of promoting, been a mixture of pastels and other soft tones, with a very summer-like feel.

Because of this, Swift announced that she wanted her tour to feel the same way, writing, “I want to celebrate the album and perform it live with you in a way that feels authentic to the music.” So for the Lover tour, she’ll be going to festivals, some of which she had to create herself.

There were issues over the presale

Selling tickets is never an easy thing. Swift went through Ticketmaster, a company that has long had issues with scalpers in the past. And this time was no exception. And there were even more hoops to go through than past tours.

Swift’s team had it set up so that people who were already Verified Fans (meaning they had already purchased tickets to a Swift concert in the past) were able to sign up for the presale first. But many reported that they still were waiting on the website “in line” for hours, and scalpers turned around and sold the tickets they were waiting for for a giant markup.

Why Swift isn’t touring as much

There a certainly a very limited number of tour dates this time around, especially for Swift’s U.S. fans, who only have two locations and four chances in which to see her perform. In a recent Beats 1 interview, Swift explained why this is.

“I’ve got some pretty intense things happening with my family right now,” she said. “I can’t go on a long tour that I can’t go home to my family for. This is where the rubber meets the road. I have to make decisions. I have to have breathing room in my touring schedule.”

Swift continued. “I have priorities that aren’t just touring now. The fans have been really respectful of that. I have to make decisions where there’s uncertainties in my life & things are important to my family. I have to be able to have breathing room in my touring schedule.

She may be talking about her mother

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Swift is, almost certainly, talking about the health of her mother in this above interview. Years ago, she shared that her mom, Andrea Swift, had cancer. The subject faded to the background for a while but has resurfaced with her new album.

At her YouTube Live show the day before Lover‘s release, Swift spoke about a song on the album, “Soon You’ll Get Better,” revealing that it’s about her mother, who is sick again. “It was really, really hard to write,” she said. “We as a family decided to put this on the album, and it’s something I’m so proud of, but it’s just really hard. I can’t sing it. It’s hard to just emotionally deal with that song.”

What we know about ‘Lover Fest’

Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 7th Annual We Can Survive at The Hollywood Bowl on October 19, 2019
Taylor Swift performs onstage during the 7th Annual We Can Survive at The Hollywood Bowl on October 19, 2019 | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for RADIO.COM

Still, Swift is pumped for the upcoming shows. “A tour for us is always an experience, and Lover Fest is more of a line-up and we’re really excited to play it. We’ll tell you who’s playing on it soon.” Swift said in the Beats 1 interview.

So far, all we know is that, in the U.S., Swift will be playing four shows, two in Boston and two in Los Angeles. We’re all eager to find out who will be playing alongside her at these festivals.