Sam Heughan Shares New Media for ‘Clan Lands’ Podcast

Outlander may be in-between seasons right now, but there’s still plenty of news when it comes to Sam Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser. He’s decided to start a project with Graham McTavish, who played Dougal MacKenzie on the series. The pair are embarking on a podcast turned television show called Clan Lands, and fans are excited to see what the actors have come up with.

Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish work on ‘Clan Lands’

Lotte Verbeek, Graham McTavish, and Sam Heughan
Lotte Verbeek, Graham McTavish, and Sam Heughan | Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage

The pair are already working on the project which is highlighted on the official Instagram page for the show. In one post, the two are drinking and planning out the show. The caption reads: “Late night Podcast Plotting *disclaimer: whisky not involved 😉 @grahammctavish @samheughan.”

According to the account, the show is: “Based on the Scottish Clans, their history, culture and the landscape of Scotland… if these two don’t get lost or drunk. Or both.”

Sam Heughan shares new media

Heughan himself has posted some behind-the-scenes media for the new venture on his Instagram account which also appears on the official page as well. It looks like the two are really having fun with their new project.

For the first day of the venture, the duo is seen behind a serene background of the Scottish landscape joking around about sobering up. They teased that it’s already been a big day and there’s more to come. “Day 1 @clanlands @grahammctavish We are still alive. (If anyone is asking),” Heughan wrote.

Heughan and McTavish are enjoying themselves

Another post shows the pair in a black and white artistic photo, presumably in Scotland. “Want to come on a journey to Scotland…? See you in @clanlands @samheughan @grahammctavish,” Heughan wrote.

A video posted on both accounts shows the pair at Loch Ness. McTavish joked about hardly being able to stand because he was so tired and exhausted from their hard work. They teased what’s to come in the project, which includes history and even some castles. “Join us in @clanlands very soon….! #where are we??? @samheughan @grahammctavish.”

More behind-the-scenes photos

The latest image posted on the official Instagram account shows Heughan and McTavish posing behind a beautiful castle complete with bicycles. “What a weekend travelling around Scotland! 🏴 🚲 Can’t wait for you all to come with us on our @clanlands adventure! @grahammctavish @samheughan @greatglencompany.”

The two are clearly enjoying their adventure into Scottish history, complete with all the whiskey they could ever want. Another post shows the two with a guest. They’re in the middle of a toast in the photo. “It’s all work work work on @clanlands with @samheughan @grahammctavish and our wonderful guests, like Richard from @smws_uk 🥃,” the post reads.

Sam Heughan is launching his own whiskey brand

Speaking of drinking, Heughan is about to embark on another new venture involving his very own whiskey brand through his own Great Glen Company. The new whiskey is called The Sassenach Unique Spirits, and Heughan shared an image of the logo via his social media. “Distilling now in Scotland… Drop by drop.”

Heughan participated in an interview with The Scottish Malt Whisky Society this year about the new project. “I set up the Great Glen Company to produce products that I believe in, using my heritage and passion as inspiration,” Heughan explained. “We are currently working on my brand of whisky with our first announcement soon. First stop is obviously the lifelong dream of having my own dram.”

Sam Heughan clearly has a lot of exciting projects in the works in-between seasons of Outlander.