‘Big Brother 21’: Sam Smith Called Christie Murphy’s Emotional Breakdown ‘Karma’

Fans around the world were heartbroken when truck driver Sam Smith was told to “send it” out of the Big Brother house. He proved to be a tough competitor after winning two Veto Competitions and he had a good social game. However, his downfall came because of the friendship he made with house enemies, Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone.

Even though he almost convinced the majority to save him, the casualty of war had to go. After a warm welcome home, he is now in pre-jury watching Big Brother Live Feeds and following the show. Today, Smith took the opportunity to throw shade at Christie Murphy on Twitter.

What did he say? Keep reading to find out.

Sam Smith Christie Murphy
Sam Smith | Sonja Flemming/CBS via Getty Images

When did Sam Smith leave the house?

On Big Brother 21 Episode 15, Holly Allen won the endurance Head of Household competition. Although Smith was a part of their Unde9able alliance, it dropped to the Six Shooters to exclude Maccarone, Wang, and Smith.

The house voted to evict Wang the week before. Therefore, her two friends left in the house were next on the block. Allen nominated Maccarone and Smith; however, the therapist won the Counting Sheep Veto Competition, guaranteeing his safety for the week.

Kathryn Dunn, a Houseguest who knew Allen before they entered the Big Brother house, volunteered to be a nominee for her and the former beauty queen accepted her offer. However, Dunn’s willingness to go up as a pawn quickly backfired on her when Jackson Michie told his best friend in the house, Jack Matthews, about Dunn and Allen’s secret.

Matthews chose his other alliance members over Michie and aired it out, effectively dismantling the Six Shooters and painting Dunn and Allen in a bad light. The friends stood firm and denied knowing each other before Day 1. However, Tommy Bracco, convinced Michie also knew them before entering the house, wanted to break up the trio.

He began campaigning to keep Smith in the house, but ultimately they decide to send Smith home. On Episode 18, Smith exposed Murphy’s game before getting evicted by telling Michie she said she would vote out Michie or Matthews when they were both on the block during Cliff Hogg’s Head of Household.

Other than this, he and Murphy didn’t seem to have a bad relationship or leave on bad terms. However, Smith’s recent tweet suggested otherwise.

Sam Smith commented on Christie Murphy

In a six-second clip, Murphy is seen crying and complaining that America hates her. Smith quote tweeted the clip and wrote, “Hey, remember when Christie said that she feels bad for my wife because she married a coward? I remember #karma #irony #manifestthat.”

It is unclear if Murphy made the comment on the Live Feeds or during the broadcast and why she said it. However, Smith felt like Murphy getting upset over how viewers perceive her is “karma” for what she said about him and told her to “manifest that” because she’s always talking about the universe and everything manifesting.

Some of his followers backed him up and supported his bold claim. However, others called him out for telling Kemi Faknule he would never let her meet his wife or kids. Once again, it is unclear if these comments were made on the Live Feeds or broadcast.

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