Comic-Con 2016: 10 of the Best Trailers From the Weekend

Aquaman , Jason Momoa

Aquaman as seen in Justice League | Source: Warner Bros.

San Diego’s Comic-Con is always an exciting event for fans of virtually every major fandom. It’s a weekend when studios, publishing houses, and everything in between pull out all the stops to unveil their biggest upcoming projects. Whereas most of the year is spent waiting for trailers in single helpings, the Comic-Con gifts us with a whole feast of teasers in just four days. This year was no exception. The event provided a visual peek at a whole mess of movies and TV shows coming down the pipeline.

This year’s Comic-Con was a veritable gold mine for fans who’ve been waiting for their first taste of coming attractions for awhile now. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. came in firing on all cylinders, releasing trailers for almost their entire slate of films for 2016 and 2017. Not one to be outdone by their DC Entertainment competitors, Marvel rolled out a full-length teaser for the November release of Doctor Strange. Trailers for next season’s popular TV shows also hit the web. Let’s dive in and take a look at the best trailers this year’s Comic-Con provided.

1. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In Hollywood, a lucrative franchise is never truly dead. It’s only just set aside until a studio finds a way to revive it in a way that makes it seem new (just ask the Ghostbusters). J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is perhaps the best example of this axiom. In the past year we’ve gotten Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a stage production that is now being followed by the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them spinoff film. The Comic-Con trailer lays out the general story of the film for the first time, while introducing us to a brand new cast of characters, led by Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne.

2. Wonder Woman

There’s a lot riding on all of DC’s upcoming superhero films, especially after the relative disappointment that was Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeIn the case of Wonder Woman, the future looks decidedly bright. The first full-length trailer unveiled at Comic-Con gives us a look at the self-assured, ass-kicking Gal Gadot as our titular hero. The result is mesmerizing. In it, we see well-shot action sequences worthy of an iconic DC superhero. The only question now is whether the story can measure up to the action, something Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wasn’t able to accomplish.

3. The Walking Dead, Season 7

Fans of The Walking Dead have been clamoring for answers ever since the cliffhanger-tastic Season 6 finale. That climactic episode saw all of the show’s main characters lined up on their knees, with one yet-to-be-revealed member of the cast chosen to die at the hands of a barbed-wire baseball bat. Despite attempts from fans to divulge the answer to the “Who died?” mystery, AMC has been insanely tight-lipped about the definitive answer. Come this fall, we’ll finally know for sure, but in the meantime, we have to let the Season 7 Comic-Con trailer keep us warm.

4. Kong: Skull Island

The Warner Bros. Comic-Con experience wasn’t all superheroes and comic books. The studio also unveiled the much-anticipated first trailer for Kong: Skull Island. The film is painted as a King Kong’s origin story, where a group of people gets stranded in the jungles traversed by the giant ape himself. It also seems to play with the timeline of the traditional King Kong story, prominently featuring helicopters and other technology that didn’t exist in the early-1930s world depicted by the original film.

5. Doctor Strange

While DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. was busy launching a collection of teasers, Marvel opted to run with just one. They released the second official trailer for the Benedict Cumberbatch-led Doctor Strange. The latest footage gives us a peek at a Marvel movie like none we’ve ever seen, as Doctor Strange bends reality with magic and sorcery. Whereas previous installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always  tried to utilize science and logic to explain things, this film will dive headfirst into the world of the supernatural for the man known in the comics as the Sorcerer Supreme.

6. Justice League

While not officially billed as a “trailer” per se, DC’s Justice League tease may as well be just that. Here we have almost three full minutes of footage that introduces the entirety of DC Entertainment’s superhero team. The peek gives us our first, extended on-screen look at Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. Conspicuously absent is Superman, who is presumed to be dead at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, although we imagine it won’t be long before he re-enters the fold to join the rest of the team. Regardless, it’s an exciting chance for fans to get a feel for what’s to come in the DC movie-verse.

7. Blair Witch

In a clever bit of marketing, Lionsgate has kept their plans for The Blair Witch Project sequel under wraps for some time now. The second film, titled Blair Witch was even presented at Comic-Con titledThe Woods. Fans present at the screening weren’t told what they were actually seeing, but what they soon found out was that they were watching a never-before-advertised sequel to 1999’s The Blair Witch Project. You can check out the full trailer above.

8. Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. has been ramping up their Suicide Squad marketing to terminal velocity in recent weeks. They kicked it off with the release of a Rick Ross and Skrillex produced theme song for the film. Adding to the pile of goodies at Comic-Con, the studio then proceeded to unveil a lengthy trailer set to that very song. The new footage comes on the heels of character-specific teasers that were released earlier in the week. All this amounts to a metric ton of pre-release teasers and trailers, while showing a clear “all-in” approach by DC for Suicide Squad’s August release.

9. Star Trek Discovery

While Star Trek Beyond continues to hold the torch for the Star Trek franchise in theaters, fans are about to see the series finally return to its television roots. Star Trek Discovery hits CBS in January of 2017, and features a brand new crew, ship, and series of adventures. Bryan Fuller (Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) is even attached as showrunner, demonstrating a clear commitment to a strong creative vision. Comic-Con’s debut trailer for the series is short on story or character details, but it does prominently feature the U.S.S. Discovery, the newest ship to join the Star Trek universe.

10. The Flash / Arrow

While DC ramps up its cinematic universe, its popular series on The CW continues to churn out exciting new stories. Both The Flash and Arrow will carry on that tradition in their third and fifth seasons, respectively. The shows were teased through individual trailers at Comic-Con. The Flash was particularly intriguing, name-dropping the iconic “Flashpoint” comic book saga as the central focus of Season 3. For Arrow, we get to see new members of Oliver Queen’s crimefighting team, different villains, and a collection of flashbacks to Oliver’s time in the Russian mob.

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