San Diego Comic-Con: The Best Footage From This Year

Over the last few years, San Diego Comic-Con has evolved into a proving ground for all the new footage a studio has to offer for their upcoming projects. Fans wait in the Hall H lines sometimes for days, just to be the first to catch the first exclusive glimpse at unreleased trailers. For those of us back at home, we’re left to wait until that footage crops up on YouTube, providing us with an avalanche for goodies to get us through the weekend.

This year’s Comic-Con though felt different somehow. The most-anticipated releases are bigger and better than ever before, featuring the revamped Star Wars, the R-Rated Deadpool, and plenty more. For whatever reason, we’ve entered into a perfect storm of anticipatory buzz. It’s one where fans have never been more obsessed with trailer and teaser culture, while studios have never had better wares to peddle than the ones they currently have in production.

1. Heroes: Reborn, NBC

We all remember the brilliant first season of Heroes, when it debuted way back in 2006. The second season was largely entertaining but flawed, and then after that things took a complete nosedive. Half a decade after the fact, Heroes is returning once again, hopefully with the intention of righting the wrongs of the past. Creator Tim Kring matter-of-factly stated in an interview that “Heroes is back to square one,” giving us more than a little hope for the rebooted show. The new season will bring back regular characters like Noah Bennett, Angela Petrelli, and Micah Sanders, while introducing a few new faces as well.

2. Ash vs. Evil Dead, STARZ

Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy is known far and wide as the pinnacle of beautifully excessive campy horror. Bruce Campbell, donning a chainsaw for a hand, is the only thing standing between humanity and the undead, shown to us through the lens of B-movie special effects and extreme levels of gore and violence. Decades later, Starz is bringing Campbell back to lead the Ash vs. Evil Dead reboot of the original movie trilogy. The Comic-Con teaser tells us a few things: That this will be just as gory as its predecessors, that Bruce Campbell is still hilarious, and that we’ll absolutely be tuning in when it debuts this Halloween.

3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Behind-the-Scenes Footage

We won’t be getting another Star Wars trailer until Fall, but the Comic-Con reel that Lucasfilm brought to their panel is enough to make any fan get teary-eyed. It shows us the massive lengths J.J. Abrams and co. went to in order to ensure that the new-look Star Wars got back to its old-look roots: Practical effects and models, on-location shooting, and a return to basics. Much of the soullessness of the prequel trilogy can be attributed to being shot entirely against a green-screen, something that The Force Awakens seems to be reacting to in the best way possible.

4. Suicide Squad

The next era of superhero movies has arrived, and things are looking bright for those existing outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After issuing a hilariously passive-aggressive statement showing no one thought a room filled with thousands of fans would have bootleg recordings uploaded immediately, Warner finally gave us the real deal. We see our first real glimpse at Jared Leto’s Joker, Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, and Will Smith as Deadshot, rounded out by Viola Davis as the Suicide Squad ringleader, Amanda Waller. In all, it looks to be a complete break from the tone we’re used to in comic book movies, making for a welcomed departure from the norm.

5. Fear the Walking Dead, AMC

AMC’s The Walking Dead is easily one of the most-watched shows on TV right now, so it follows logically that the network would try to capitalize on that to the fullest extent. The spinoff series will bear a few striking differences from the original, taking place in Los Angeles (instead of Georgia), and being set in the time directly during the zombie outbreak. We’ve seen the decayed “walker” corpses shuffling through the deep south on The Walking Dead. For this though, they’ll be brand, spanking new undead monsters, terrorizing a whole different cast of characters.

6. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman is in many ways DC/Warner’s big debut for their fledgling cinematic universe. They’re kicking things off with their two most iconic heroes, pitting the Dark Knight against the Man of Steel. It’ll be a superhero battle royale, and fans have been clamoring for even the smallest of teasers. Warner certainly did not disappoint at Comic-Con, providing us with 3 plus minutes of trailer. There’s more in the footage than we have the time to break down here, but know one thing: DC has officially arrived.

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