Sandra Oh’s Surprising Reaction to Receiving the ‘Killing Eve’ Script

Killing Eve centers around the mutual obsession between Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer). This thriller keeps fans on the edge of their seats at every moment, wanting to know what’s coming next. So the role of Eve would be a special one for any actress.

When Oh received the script for Killing Eve, her reaction wasn’t what you would expect. Though she was excited, we’re sure, she was also full of other emotions. Find out what they were, ahead.

How is Oh a groundbreaking actress?

Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the Killing Eve premiere
Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh at the Killing Eve premiere | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for BBCAmerica

Not only is Sandra Oh talented, she’s groundbreaking. How? Well, she was the first Asian-American woman to be nominated as a Lead Actress for the Emmys. She is also the first Asian-American woman to win multiple Golden Globes and to host the event itself.

This is something that is important to Oh, as she is proud of her Korean and Asian heritage. In an interview with Porter, she says that “‘this, this is what I appreciate.’ She means conversations like [the one with the interviewer], between two people of Asian descent. ‘This is how we figure it out.'”

Oh is talking about not only being Asian and learning how to exist in the West, but also “about [their] self-identity as Asians in the diaspora, and what and how [they] want to be.” Everyone likes to define who they are, and that is especially important, often, for those who do not fully fit in in society.

What was Sandra Oh’s reaction to receiving the ‘Killing Eve’ script?

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According to the actress, she “was filled with shame, anger, humiliation, [and] heartbreak.” Why? Well, it has to do with her assumptions. According to Porter, Oh “tells the story of how when she first received the script for Killing Eve, she couldn’t make out which role was for her, taking for granted that it wasn’t the lead.”

She thought, perhaps, that people wouldn’t want an Asian actress to portray the main character in a show like Killing Eve. Fortunately for Oh and for fans of the show, she was wrong. She got the job and now the show is a hit, partially due to Oh’s immense talent.

Why did Oh react the way she did?

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Besides the fact that she assumed she wouldn’t get the lead, why was Oh filled with so many conflicting feelings upon receiving the script for Killing Eve? The actress herself is not entirely sure, though she does have some ideas. According to her, thinking she wouldn’t get the lead role “was one of those moments when you believe you are on a journey, making progress, and then you realize, inside you are back here.”

Many people can probably relate to that feeling in their own lives. No matter how much progress you might make, it depends on how much progress you think and feel you’ve made. We think Sandra Oh’s humility is endearing, but she is definitely a great actress. Especially in her role as Eve in Killing Eve.

The role really allows her talent to shine. Fans love watching her in every episode. She really nails the part. It seems to fit her like a glove.