Sarah Desjardins: ‘Impulse’ Season 2 Will Reveal More About Jenna’s Mom – Exclusive

Impulse is currently enjoying its second season on YouTube. Maddie Hasson stars as Henry, a teenager girl dealing both with the aftermath of a sexual assault and her own powers of teleportation. Her friend Townes (Daniel Maslany) and stepsister Jenna (Sarah Desjardins) try to help her, but they’re only teenagers dealing with life’s hardships themselves.

Impulse star Sarah Desjardins
Impulse star Sarah Desjardins | Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

One of the most poignant moments of season 1 was when Jenna did not have time for Henry because she was celebrating the anniversary of her late mother’s cancer diagnosis. Jenna is there for Henry but she has her own life too. Desjardins spoke with Showbiz Cheat Sheet by phone and promised Jenna’s history with her mom would get deeper in season 2. Season 2 of Impulse is available on YouTube Premium and releasing new episodes on YouTube every Wednesday.

Sarah Desjardins says there’s still time for Jenna on ‘Impulse’

Impulse only gets more intense in season 2 as Henry learns how to use her powers, and needs them to escape dangerous situations. Sarah Desjardins assured fans the show hasn’t forgotten about its supporting characters.

“We get a little more backstory on Jenna’s mom in season 2 as well,” Desjardins said. “I felt very fortunate that we got to delve deeper into that because even for me as an actor to get more backstory on my mom and who she was just allowed me to play Jenna in an even richer way.”

Sarah Desjardins and Missi Pyle
Sarah Desjardins and Missi Pyle in Impulse | NBCUniversal

Townes gets to have his own life too.

“Yes, that absolutely gets to happen for Jenna and for Townes,” Desjardins said. “That’s what season 2 affords us. We get to go deeper into everybody.”

Sarah Desjardins says Jenna is dealing with more than just her grief

Losing a mother is a struggle that will affect Jenna for the rest of her life. However, she will still deal with all the usual developments of growing up, and Impulse will explore those too.

“For Jenna, the theme of identity, she’s really delving deeper figuring out who she is and trying to put herself first a little more,” Desjardins said. “I feel like that’s a theme in season 2. We get to delve even deeper into her identity and figuring out who she is this season. She definitely hinted at in season 1 but we get to go even deeper in season 2 which I’m excited about.”

‘Impulse’ season 2 may see Henry, Jenna and Townes divided

Jenna and Townes want to help Henry, but the more intense her teleportation drama gets, the harder that may become.

Daniel Maslany, Maddie Hasson and Sarah Desjardins
(L-R) Daniel Maslany, Maddie Hasson and Sarah Desjardins | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for YouTube Originals

“I also think that what’s great about our show is in connection to Henry and everything that’s going on, we get to see how what she is going through affects everybody around her and not just her. Both Townes and Jenna are trying to help Henry this season but they both have different ideas as to how to do that. It’s kind of opposing so in that way, there is sometimes a little bit of friction between Jenna and Townes but also we’re both trying to help Henry but we don’t know how much we’re helping or hindering her.”

Sarah Desjardins, interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, 10/15/19