Sarah Ferguson Says She Relates To Meghan Markle For 1 Reason

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex is struggling in the spotlight as a new member of the British Royal Family. Though Markle has tried to embrace her new role– the British press and public have not made it easy for her. From the bullying and harassment to the constant scrutiny — it’s all been overwhelming for the former actress.

Though Markle hasn’t had any major scandals since becoming a senior member of the British Royal Family, her estranged paternal family has tried to cause chaos in her life by talking to tabloids and spreading rumors and lies about her. It’s all been a bit much. In fact, Markle said in an October 2019 documentary, that she wasn’t doing well.

Though many celebrities have come to her defense, calling the harassment and scrutiny against Markle horrible, it looks like the duchess also has an ally within the British Royal Family.

Duchess Sarah Ferguson is no stranger to the spotlight

Though Meghan Markle hasn’t had any scandals during her time in the royal family, Duchess Sarah Ferguson certainly has. In fact, her family is currently in the middle of yet another media firestorm. The Duchess of York was married to Prince Andrew from 1986- 1996. Their marriage ended when a scandalous photo of the duchess with another man hit the newspapers.

Fergie was photographed topless with oil tycoon, John Bryan. Bryan was also sucking Fergie’s toes in the pictures. Fergie was promptly booted out of the royal family and hounded by the press. That was just the first scandal. In 2010, the duchess was caught exchanging access to the royal family for cash which put her in the spotlight once again. Now, her ex-husband, Prince Andrew has just been ousted from his royal role because of his friendship with late sex offender, Jeffery Epstein, and allegations that he sexually assaulted a young woman.

“I have been in Meghan’s shoes, and I still am,” Ferguson told Vogue Arabia. “It’s hard and mean. I abhor bullying. I feel desperately sorry for the pain they must be going through because I’ve been through it.”

Are Meghan Markle and Sarah Ferguson close?

Though Markle and Ferguson aren’t particularly close — the Duchess of York is very close to Prince Harry and she attended the royal couple’s May 2018 wedding. Having met and interacted with the Suits alum several times, Fergie has called Markle, “great.” Fergie is also thrilled with the Sussexes’ attempt to modernize the royal family. “Why can’t Meghan be great?” the Duchess of York asked. “Why can’t she be celebrated? I know what Meghan is going through.”

Meghan Markle may revamp her image when she returns from her royal hiatus

Currently, the Duchess of Sussex is on a hiatus from her royal duties with her husband, Prince Harry, and son, Archie Harrison. Since things have been so challenging when it comes to the Sussexes’ current approach to the royal family — Markle may come back with a new strategy and approach to royal life.

After all, things have gotten so bad for Prince Harry and Markle that the majority of the British public doesn’t even feel as though they deserve public funding. We’re not sure what changes the royal couple may make but when examining the Duke and Duchess of York, they know what not to do.