Sarah Ferguson Reveals She Was Never Rivals With Princess Diana

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York | YUI MOK/AFP/Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine that just three decades ago, America was obsessing over a completely different set of Windsor royals. Royal feuds were the talk of tabloids then just as much as now. Today, we have the rumors of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle feuding. In the 1980s, it was the talk of Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson having a rivalry.

Some likely remember the hoopla surrounding Sarah Ferguson (the Duchess of York) when she married Prince Andrew in July of 1986. It turned out Ferguson and Diana were fourth cousins who were said to occasionally fight at a vicious level.

According to Ferguson recently, this was overblown as she champions a new campaign to thwart bullying.

Sarah Ferguson as rebel

There isn’t a doubt Ferguson was a lot like today’s Meghan Markle when she entered the royal family circle. While Fergie came from a privileged upbringing, she wasn’t afraid to break the rules outside of her royal duties.

She found out being a princess is a lot harder than in fairy tales. All of us remember the messy divorce that occurred in the mid-1990s with Prince Andrew.

All the while, Ferguson and Diana stayed close, despite rumors persisting they didn’t always get along. No doubt because Fergie was considered more “upbeat” in the family and worked hard to please everyone, it made Diana’s honesty more prone to criticism.

When Ferguson wrote some unkind things about Diana in her autobiography, their relationship was more or less over.

Not completely shunned from the royal family

Even to this day, it’s said Fergie is still living with Prince Andrew, despite not communicating with the queen or Prince Philip (or many of the other royals).

Along the way, she went into the world of showbiz, but also started focusing on one important cause. Bullying has become a bigger social problem in our world. We’ve also heard far too many stories of kids committing suicide due to an increase in school bullying here and abroad.

The first time Ferguson mentioned bullying to the press was in a 2016 People Magazine interview where she defended her family (including her two grown daughters). This was an official fightback with the media over their bullying of the Yorks.

Bullying as a new platform

If you follow Sarah Ferguson on social media, you’ll see she’s been talking about bullying a lot lately. Her hard work in supporting various international charities has become a large part of her life since her official royal days.

Not long ago, she did an interview for Hello! Magazine where she discussed her new bullying initiative called Hello to Kindness. Fergie designed this handle as a hashtag for use on social media after writing an open letter about what a sewer social media has become.

You certainly can’t disagree with her case about bullying being a large part of social media over the last 10-15 years. As much as Twitter and Facebook try to combat it, the desire to let users stay anonymous continues to make harassment an ongoing problem.

Was the rivalry with Princess Diana just the media upholding a bullying mentality?

Based on the overwhelming response to Fergie’s open letter, the initiative she helped start went to parliament recently to help persuade the U.K. government to work more closely with social media.

Let’s all celebrate her push to end online bullying in any shape or form. However, it makes us wonder whether the media more or less upheld this mentality during the 1980s and ’90s to inflate the Fergie-Diana feud.

In Fergie’s open letter above, she called out the media for always pitting women against each other. Now she blames this for exaggerating the feud she had with Diana.

The stand Fergie is taking here makes us realize the royal history we all thought we knew was likely a lot different than what was fed us.