Sarah Hyland & Wells Adams Would Totally Double Date With Tyler & Gigi

Newly engaged couple, Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams, actually have quite a bit in common with new couple, Tyler Cameron and Gigi Hadid. Cameron and Adams are both alums of the hit ABC show, The Bachelorette. While Cameron hails from Hannah Brown’s season, Adams made a splash on Joelle Fletcher’s season of the show. The two men both managed to catch the eye of famous women (Hyland an actress, and Hadid a model) and through a series of DM messages began to form romantic relationships.

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams talk Tyler & Gigi
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Hyland gives her thoughts on bachelorette alum, Tyler Cameron

Noticing the parallels between Cameron and Hadid’s relationship, Adams and Hyland were recently questioned about their thoughts about the new couple. In a recent interview with ET, Hyland was quick to share her opinions on the pair and how it related to her own relationship. “I’ve never met Tyler, so I don’t know what kind of man he is, but from what I’ve seen on TV, he seems like a really lovely young man,” Hyland began.

The Bachelorette boot camp

What I noticed with Wells when we first started talking, when we were texting all the time and even when we started dating in person, everything seemed to move really fast and I would make the joke a lot of, ‘I’m so glad that he did The Bachelorette because it’s almost like relationship boot camp,’” the Modern Family actress joked.

Wells and Hyland are even open to going on a double date with Cameron and Hadid should the opportunity present itself. However, they mentioned that they do have a few qualifications. The newly engaged couple joked about how attractive and tall the other couple is (after all, they’re both models) and stated that they’d need to physically and mentally prepare for said double date.

Hyland and Adams would double with Tyler Cameron & Gigi Hadid

“Most of me wants to do a double date with them, but there’s definitely a part of me that doesn’t because they’re so much prettier than we are… They’re so tall… She’s, like, a f**king full foot taller than me. They’re just so pretty that it might do damage to my ego. I would do a double date with them after, like, a three-month boot camp. I would do that. And maybe a facelift,” Hyland said adding a heavy dose of humor into her response.

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Is Instagram the new norm for dating

After addressing their opinions about Hadid and Cameron, the couple then went on to speak about their own special relationship. Some people find it strange that their relationship got its start on Instagram, but the happy couple seems to think that meeting people on the popular app is more common these days. “It’s kind of the new normal in the dating world, people are meeting and DMing each other,” Adams chimed in.

Adams then continued on to share how he initially navigated a relationship with a celebrity. “I would run a lot of stuff by my sister. At the time, I was living in Nashville and my sister lived there as well and I told her, ‘I’m talking with Sarah Hyland. What do you think I should say?’… And so I got a woman’s advice and that worked,” the Bachelor In Paradise star confessed.

What’s next for Tyler Cameron & Gigi Hadid

“That’s smart… Always ask for a woman’s advice… For everything. Not just sliding into them DMs,” Hyland said in response. It’s fascinating to see that a brief Instagram interaction can lead to a relationship and even marriage. Hyland and Adams are a great example of great things working out if you’re willing to put yourself out there, even in unconventional ways. Only time will tell what will come from Cameron and Hadid’s initial Instagram interaction, but nevertheless we wish them well.