Sarah Jeffery Will Debut a Remix of ‘Queen of Mean’

Descendants 3 premiered on Disney Channel on Aug. 2, 2019. It is the third and final movie of the Descendants franchise. In the movie, Sarah Jeffery plays Audrey, the daughter of Sleeping Beauty. Jeffery’s solo song from Descendants 3, “Queen of Mean,” went viral after the movie’s release.

Sarah Jeffery
Sarah Jeffery | CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/Getty Images

Sarah Jeffery’s ‘Queen of Mean’ went viral

“Queen of Mean” came out on Aug. 2, 2019 along with the album for Descendants 3. The song went viral online. The music video from the movie currently has over 146 million views on YouTube and is the franchise’s most-liked video.

The song debuted at No.67 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The debut marked Jeffery’s first song on the chart. “Queen of Mean” peaked at No.49 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It also peaked at No.1 on the US Kid Digital Songs chart.

It has been on the Hot 100 chart for eight weeks. This makes it the longest-charting song from the Descendants franchise. It is the franchise’s highest-charting solo song.

Sarah Jeffery will debut a remix of the song on Oct.13

Disney Channel’s Hall of Villains musical special airs on Oct.13 for Halloween. For the Halloween special, Jeffery will perform “Queen of Mean: The Remix.” After the special, the song will be available on streaming platforms on Oct. 25.

Meg Donnelly of Zombies will host the event. She will also perform a rendition of Taylor Swift’s song, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Issac Ryan Brown of Raven’s Home and Kylie Cantrall from Gabby Duran & the Unsittables will also perform during the special.

The actress currently stars in the CW’s ‘Charmed’

Jeffery has appeared in countless TV shows outside of the Descendants franchise. Since 2018, the actress has appeared as Maggie Vera in the CW’s TV show, Charmed. The show is a reboot of a show by the same name that aired from 1998 to 2006.

The reboot of Charmed features a diverse cast and changed other details about the main characters. The general premise of the reboot remains the same, and follows three sisters who discover they are witches. In Charmed, Jeffery’s character is the youngest sister.

Sarah Jeffery did not expect ‘Queen of Mean’ to be so popular

In an interview with Billboard, Jeffery discussed the Descendants franchise and “Queen of Mean.” According to Jeffery, she never expected the song to be so popular so quickly.

“I didn’t expect [‘Queen of Mean’] to gain so much popularity so quickly,” she said. “You don’t really know how people are going to react to it, if it’s going to land, and it’s just impossible to predict. But I’m so grateful that this thing that I worked really hard on and was so excited about is getting recognition.”

Jeffery feels the reason for the song’s popularity is because of the song’s lyrics and the message it gives.

“I feel like people can relate to it because it’s this song about never being seen and being forgotten about, and wanting to change that,” she said.

The actress got emotional when she first heard the song, as it was her first solo song in the franchise. It later went on to be the most successful solo song in the entire franchise.

“When I heard it for the first time, I got emotional,” she said. “I was like, ‘Wow, this is so beautiful,’ and I’m genuinely so grateful and excited that a song like that was written for me.”