‘Saturday Night Live’ Addressed Pete Davidson’s Absence In This Hilarious Way

Some of the funniest bits on Saturday Night Live come from the performers making fun of one another. Pete Davidson has, more than many of his fellow writers, been the subject of much of this good fun. And Season 45 is no different. Here’s what was said about him in his absence this past week.

Pete Davidson is a Saturday Night Live cast member

Davidson has been a cast member on Saturday Night Live since 2014, at just 20 years old. Before that, he appeared in a few films and TV series in small roles, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Trainwreck.

However, in late 2018, following his breakup with Ariana Grande, Davidson expressed thoughts of suicide. After that, he continued to appear on SNL, but in fewer sketches than usual. By the end of the season, he appeared to be doing much better.

Davidson missed the SNL premiere episode

Not every cast member spends a lot of time on screen in each episode of SNL. After all, they can’t all be Kate McKinnon. But while the premiere episode of Season 45 in Sept. 2019 featured Davidson in the credits once more, he was nowhere to be seen in any of the sketches.

Fans managed to deduce the reason for this. That same night, The Suicide Squad director James Gunn posted a photo with the film’s cast, writing that they had all gone to see a screening of Joker together. Davidson was in the photo, indicating that he may have been there instead of at SNL.

He was absent again for the second episode

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But oddly, this wasn’t just a one-off occurrence. The second episode of SNL Season 45, hosted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and featuring musical guest Taylor Swift, aired on Oct. 5, 2019. And Davidson was nowhere to be found.

According to Deadline, Davidson’s absence was for essentially the same reason as last time. He’s thought to busy filming The Suicide Squad, which is taking place in Atlanta, Georgia. So it might be a bit difficult for him to make it to SNL rehearsals each week for the time being.

Colin Jost brought it up in ‘Weekend Update’

SNL rarely shies away from making fun of its own cast members, and this week was no different. During Weekend Update, Colin Jost took a jab at Davidson while reporting a piece of new.

“A man who drove his car to a music festival still cannot remember where he parked his car a week after the show,” said Jost. “Well, we hope you make it back soon, Pete.”

What else is Davidson going to be in?

Pete Davidson
Pete Davidson | Bobby Bank/GC Images

Saturday Night Live is a taxing gig during the months in which it airs. So many of its stars spend time in the summer shooting other projects. Before Davidson began filming for The Suicide Squad, that’s exactly what he was doing.

This past summer, the actor was spotted filming for an upcoming project that’s currently being called Staten Island. The movie was co-written by Davidson and is set to be autobiographical. Judd Apatow directed.