‘Say I Do’: People Can’t Stop Crying While Watching Netflix’s New Wedding Show

Weddings can have a strong affect on people to where they’re brought to tears. But Netflix released a show that pulls at your heartstrings even for people who don’t normally cry because of them.

Say I Do shows a person surprising their future spouse with a wedding. They then get help from interior designer, Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer, Thai Nguyen, and chef, Gabriele Bertaccini to plan their wedding in a few days. Find out why it’s getting compared to Queer Eye and what fans are saying about it.

‘Say I Do’ shows people getting surprised with a wedding

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Each episode starts with a couple telling their love story. We then find out one of them is going to surprise the other with a wedding. Sometimes these couples are already engaged but for some reason haven’t been able to walk down the aisle yet. The first episode focuses on a couple who have already been married for years, but their first wedding was a disaster.

Brent, Nguyen, and Bertaccini are then brought in to plan the wedding with the help of the other partner. The hosts talked about what it was like to work together.

Thai Nguyen said the show is different from ‘Queer Eye’

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The show is getting a lot of comparisons to Queer Eye. The show does come from the same producers and it has a few similarities. The hosts don’t just plan weddings, but sometimes they help couples with their other issues like struggling to start the adoption process, not being able to connect with family, and more.

However, Nguyen said their show is different. “It’s so different than Queer Eye,” he told Entertianment Weekly. “With Queer Eye, it’s everyday life. But this show, Say I Do, it’s about a fantasy. It’s about a dream. Some of these brides and grooms, they dream about this day their entire lives. But with obstacles in their lives, they cannot pursue their dreams. So, here we come in.”

The hosts also had to do tests before getting their jobs like Queer Eye. “I still remember the first time we all met at that round table at the chemistry test,” Nguyen said. “Jer, I don’t know if you remember when they asked how we would describe each other in one word. And I said, ‘Jer, you are calm, you calm me down.'”

Fans are crying over the new show

Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, fashion designer Thai Nguyen and interior designer Jeremiah Brent on 'SAY I DO'
Chef Gabriele Bertaccini, fashion designer Thai Nguyen and interior designer Jeremiah Brent on ‘SAY I DO’ | Netflix

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Fans aren’t able to hold back their tears when watching the new show. Many of them tweeted about crying during the emotional episodes.

“The first couple on this Netflix show Say I Do is coming for my heart,” tweeted one person. The first couple is Marcus and Tiffany LaCour.

Another fan tweeted, “Okay y’all I stumbled upon Say I Do: Surprise Weddings on Netflix and I am straight up SOBBING at the very first episode omfg. This poor woman!! What they’re doing for her is so heartwarming.”

A third person tweeted, “Anyone spending this weekend crying through episodes of Say I Do on Netflix? Just me? Ok.”

It’s unknown if the show will return for another season. But it looks like fans are really enjoying the emotional stories after it was released.