Say What You Will About Meghan Markle, But She’s No Sarah Ferguson

Ever since it was announced that Prince Harry was in a serious relationship with Meghan Markle, it seems as if she is constantly making headlines. Royal fans just love Meghan, in particular, her amazing style and generous spirit. However, there are many people who criticize the Duchess of Sussex on a regular basis, voicing their negative opinions about everything from her family dynamic to her relationship with the rest of the royals.

It can be said that Meghan is putting her own modern spin on royal life, and she is quite arguably one of the most popular members of the family.

Meghan Markle
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage

No matter what she does, it would appear that Meghan just can’t get away from the controversy that has been surrounding her for the past few years. Ever since the royal wedding, many people have forgotten about another royal who is definitely no stranger to scandal.

Sarah Ferguson, also known as “Fergie,” brought more than her fair share of shame to the royals a few years back, and the situations that Meghan finds herself in pale in comparison.

Say what you will about Meghan Markle, but let’s face it – she’s no Sarah Ferguson.

Fergie’s sticky situations

For the Duchess of York, it was one scandal after another. The drama never stopped, and we can only imagine that Queen Elizabeth must have been mortified. The royals are known for keeping up a certain appearance, and it was almost as if Fergie was doing just the opposite. She was married to Prince Andrew for only six years before the couple separated, with Bustle reporting that infidelity was the main reason.

According to Mirror, it was just months after her 1992 divorce from Prince Andrew that Sarah was photographed in St. Tropez, while her financial advisor sucked on her toes. As if that weren’t enough, they were also photographed acting extremely intimate in the pool, while Fergie’s daughter, two-year-old Eugenie, sat watching.

What else did Fergie do?

The toe-sucking scandal certainly was not an isolated incident. After her marriage ended, Fergie found herself struggling financially. According to News Australia, she never before had to manage her own money and became overwhelmed by doing so.

It wasn’t long before the duchess found herself over $5 million in debt, and had to take on some paying jobs to make up for it. In addition to signing a lucrative deal with Weight Watchers, she also received a very modest divorce settlement.

Sarah’s bribery scandal

Perhaps the most shocking scandal was the bribery incident, which no doubt humiliated the royal family. In fact, it was the reason why Fergie didn’t receive an invite to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, according to Express. So, what happened?

Sarah was secretly filmed by a tabloid saying that could guarantee introductions to Prince Andrew in return for being paid $500,000. She was tricked by an undercover reporter pretending to be a sheik and the scandal dominated the news headlines when it happened. It was talked about for years and caused much tension between Fergie and the rest of the royal family members. 

Say what you will about Meghan Markle, but she’s no Sarah Ferguson

While it may seem that Meghan is the subject of scandal pretty often, her controversies are nothing close to those of Fergie’s. According to Express, her family drama has caused some issues with the royals, as well as her tendency to break royal protocol.

Some people even say that she acts more like a celebrity than a duchess, and lately, she has even been called hypocritical for her decision to guest edit an issue of Vogue magazine and for her and Harry’s recent use of private jets. While Meghan may find herself in the headlines quite a bit, nothing she does can compare to the actions of Sarah Ferguson.