‘Scandal’ and ‘How to Get Away With Murder’: The 1 Thing Fans Really Want to See In the Crossover

Shonda Rhimes has been the queen of Thursdays on ABC for quite some time. She has had multiple medical shows in the past, and now she has multiple dramas. The great thing about this is that there is an opportunity for crossovers.

Private Practice and Grey’s Anatomy had crossovers, and now, it’s Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder‘s turn. The creators of the shows have been open to talking about their plans for the two-hour event. But what are we fans hoping for when it comes to the crossover?

We decided to try and answer this question, along with gathering all the details about the event. Here’s what we know about the crossover and what fans hope to see.

1. Series creator Pete Nowalk says the crossover will be ‘natural’

Peter Nowalk stands and poses for a photo on a red carpet.

The creator doesn’t want the crossover to appear forced. | Matt Winkelmeyer

Crossover events can be exciting, but they often fall flat if everything is forcefully written. How to Get Away With Murder creator Peter Nowalk told Deadline how they hope to avoid this problem.

“At that point, we just thought about it because we didn’t want it to feel forced, and we just wanted it to happen really naturally,” Nowalk said. “And then if anything bumps along the way, we just won’t do it. We kept getting closer and closer, and it just made more and more sense.”

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2. It’s confirmed Annalise and Olivia will have scenes together

Olivia Pope looking serious while wearing a yellow coat.

Olivia Pope has been a treasured character. | ABC

Screenshots of the crossover script show Annalise and Olivia together. Nowalk also confirmed that the characters will be in scenes together and that they each interact with other characters from both shows.

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3. Annalise might be the one to help find the missing Quinn

Annalise looks towards the right.

Annalise | ABC

Scandal left off with everyone going off the rails. Olivia has become the head of B613 and is, therefore, going crazy with power. Eli Pope, her father, is trying to bring her back to the light and also get some control back in their relationship by possibly kidnapping Quinn and killing her.

Quinn is still missing, and there are some hints that she is already dead. But chances are there is still hope for her — and Annalise could be the key to rescue her. This might mean that Annalise and Olivia would eventually face off. Because although Olivia definitely wants to find Quinn, she also wants to keep her quiet about her involvement in the death of Rashad and Yasmin.

How to Get Away with Murder creator Peter Nowalk, who is helping to write the crossover, was already asked point blank if this plot will be included in the crossover.

He told Deadline, “I can’t speak to anything about Scandal. You know Shonda. All I know is the episode that Annalise is in about Scandal. So, you know, I like to keep my job here, so I’m not going to answer any Scandal questions.”

But that’s not all we’re hoping to see in the crossover.

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4. Olivia could help take down Laurel’s father

Olivia Pope sits on a brown chair while wearing a black and white dress.

Will Olivia be a hero?| ABC

Although Olivia hasn’t exactly been a hero lately, it doesn’t mean she still can’t use her powers for good. Laurel and the group have been focused on whether to get justice for Wes’ death and how. That means taking down her father who killed him.

It would be nice if Olivia’s turn back to wearing the white hat means she is able to help them.

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5. Olivia and Annalise could help each other realize they need to stop playing dirty

Annalise talks on the phone while crying.

It would be great to see these two strong females together. | ABC

The reason why Olivia and Annalise are such powerful characters is that they are both so flawed. They both lie, use their power as they see fit, and murder. But they have also hurt themselves in the process, turning to substances to cope and losing the people they love over their actions.

Scandal will be coming to a close soon, so Olivia needs to make a big change if she is going to get any redemption. Meanwhile, Annalise seems to be fighting for redemption with her journey of sobriety. It would be great if both characters realized that they can’t cheat the system to skate by anymore by talking to each other.

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6. Quinn and Bonnie should cross paths

Quinn talks to someone as she stands looking downward.

Will Quinn be in the crossover episode? | ABC

Quinn and Bonnie are very similar characters. They both are mentored by powerful women and start off admiring them. When they realize that their mentors have gone too far, they try to take a strong stance against them.

They have gone about this in different ways, with Bonnie more focused on revenge at times while Quinn is more about justice and bringing the truth to light. It would be interesting if Quinn and Bonnie crossed paths in some way to speak about this.

Do they have any hope for the women who once inspired them to be the people they always thought they could be? Or is there no turning back and they are willing to do anything they can to get justice?

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7. The crossover will have lasting consequences

Kerry Washington and Viola Davis posing together

We’re excited to see these two ladies together. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

Though it’s important for the crossover to be natural, the episode should also have an impact on the overall stories of both shows. So will Olivia and Annalise’s meet have a lasting effect moving forward? The answer is yes, according to Nowalk.

“Yes, I think why we both agreed to do it,” he told Deadline. “Shonda and I, is it fit into our longer arc. So it’s not like a procedural where it just stands alone and it has nothing to do with the rest of their arcs for the season. They’re actually both very pivotal to each other’s storylines.”

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