Scarlett Johansson Threatens Michael Che Over Colin Jost’s Bachelor Party and It’s Hilarious

Colin Jost might have planned the perfect proposal to Scarlett Johansson, but he’s got a long way to go when it comes to planning his bachelor party, especially now that his Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” co-host, Michael Che, is banned from helping out. In May 2019, Johansson and Jost got engaged. And the world has been celebrating ever since.

As of now, Johansson and Jost’s wedding date has yet to be determined. However, both have been busy promoting their individual projects in the media circuit. Johansson is currently boosting her new film, Jojo Rabbit, as Jost and Che publicized SNL for its 45th season premiere. That said, it seems the couple is fleshing out the details of Jost’s bachelor party — with or without a bit of encouragement from Che.

Michael Che wants to host Colin Jost’s bachelor party

Ahead of the SNL premiere on Sept. 28, Che and Jost appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The late-night show’s host congratulated Jost on his engagement to Johansson. And then Fallon asked Jost if he cried during the proposal.

“I was nervous, of course. I didn’t cry,” Jost laughed. “But, I’m half-German, half-Irish-Catholic. So I’m able to repress pretty well.”

Che then added his own commentary. “People don’t typically cry, but they also don’t typically marry an Avenger,” he said.

Fallon also asked Che if he has picked out Jost’s wedding gift. But, it looks like the SNL host is thinking on a much grander scale.

Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson
Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

“I didn’t give you a gift yet, but I just can’t wait to get to that wedding and heart those sweet, sweet beautiful words — ‘Does anybody object?'” Che joked. “That’s my time. Like, ‘Gimme the mic!’ I’m gonna come in dressed like 8 Mile. It’ll be awesome. Coming in hot like Eminem.”

Then the conversation moved on to Jost’s bachelor party. It appears Jost is hoping Che will “take the reins” and figure it all out. And of course, Che was more than happy to accept the job. But, not for the reason you might think.

“Yeah, I gotta do it, man. Because if you do it, it’s going to be boring,” Che said, roasting his co-host. “Oh, it’ll be so boring. It’ll definitely be in the daytime, and Scarlett will certainly be there.”

So what could Che plan? “I don’t know, something dirty,” he confirmed.

Why Scarlett Johansson doesn’t think Michael Che should host Colin Jost’s Bachelor party

On Oct. 21, the second half of the Jost-Johansson union stopped by The Tonight Show. So naturally, Fallon had to bring up Che’s bachelor party dreams for Jost in the future. But, the Black Widow actress is definitely not on board.

“Oh no,” Johansson said. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Meanwhile, Fallon noted the bachelor party’s boring nature if Jost is put in charge. And although Johansson didn’t deny her fiancé’s vanilla taste, she also won’t let Che touch the event.

“Yeah, but I feel like if he throws it, it’s gonna be by the Port Authority, and it’s going to be very local,” Johansson said, referring to the New York neighborhood’s party scene. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Michael’s not throwing it. He’s not,” the actress continued. “Is this a thing now?” Johansson then stared wide-eyed into the studio camera. “Michael. I know where you work, Michael,” she threatened. Hilarious.

Jokes aside, Johansson does care for Che. But, we’ll just have to see how Jost’s bachelor party actually plays out, and if Johansson actually lets Che have his way.

“I love Michael very much, and he’s a delightful guy,” Johansson said. “We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned!”

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