Scarlett Johansson Will Not Be The Only Black Widow In ‘Black Widow’

Scarlett Johansson is not the only one suiting up to play Black Widow in the character’s first solo film, Black Widow. Rachel Weisz, who is playing the part of Melina in the movie, just revealed that her character is also a graduate of the Black Widow program, putting her on equal ground as Natasha Romanoff. So how many of these deadly Russian spies will be featured in the film?

Black Widow Scarlett Johansson
Black Widow Scarlett Johansson | Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Weisz opens up about ‘Black Widow’

Marvel officially confirmed Black Widow during Comic-Con International last month. Along with the title and premiere date, the studio announced that Weisz will be appearing in the movie as Melina. According to Deseret News, Weisz recently sat down and talked about her introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The actress revealed that there will be multiple versions of Black Widow in the movie and that her character is an older assassin. Weisz did not tease too much in the interview, but the fact that there will be more than one Black Widow has sparked a number of different fan theories.

“There are quite a number (of them),” Weisz shared. “I call tell you that Melina has been cycled through the Black Widow Red Room program by the time the film starts.”

The connection between Melina and Natasha remains unclear, but one fan theory argues that Weisz’s character will turn out to be the movie’s villain, Taskmaster. Marvel confirmed earlier theories about Taskmaster during Comic-Con. It is unlikely that Weisz will play Taskmaster in the film, though this would not be the first time Marvel has pulled something unpredictable.

David Harbour (Stranger Things) is also set to make an appearance as the Red Guardian, which is basically Russian’s Captain America. So not only will there be more than one Black Widow, but it looks like Natasha will be teaming up with multiple heroes as well.

How many Black Widows are in the MCU?

In the comics, there are dozens of versions of Black Widow. Each Russian assassin was trained in a Soviet-era program called the Red Room. There are somewhere around 28 orphans who went through the program. Many of these girls went on to spy in countries like China and the United States.

As time went on, Black Widows became more linked to acts of heroism than anything else, with many of them breaking free from their initial programming. This is exactly what happened to Natasha, though it remains to be seen if Weisz’s character is the same.

There is no telling how many Black Widows will be featured in the upcoming movie, but we know there will be at least three of them. Apart from Weisz and Natasha, Florence Pugh is also playing a version of the character. Based on Weisz’s recent interview, it sounds like there will be more than just three of them, though exactly how many is yet to be seen.

Who is Melina?

In the comics, Melina (also known as Iron Maiden) was hired to kill Natasha, a task she thoroughly enjoyed. Melina was never a big fan of Natasha and felt like she was always trying to get out from under her shadow. Black Widow will likely play on this storyline and pit the women against each other. Exactly how this plays out is anyone’s guess, but Melina did not stay in the Russian program for long.

At one point, Melina stopped following orders from Russia and started doing a little freelance work. She eventually joined a female army of convicts called the Femizons, who tried to sterilize the planet and create a new world order. This storyline is probably not going to be featured in Black Widow, though Marvel might adapt some elements from it.

Aside from Melina, other Black Widow characters that could pop up include Jessica Drew, who most fans know as Spider-Woman, and Monica Chang-Fury, who actually tied the knot with Nick Fury.

Black Widow is scheduled to open in theaters on May 1, 2020. The movie is set after the events in Captain America: Civil War but before Avengers: Infinity War. The film was written by Jac Schaeffer and directed by Cate Shortland.

No word yet on if Jeremy Renner will make an appearance as Hawkeye in Black Widow.