‘Schitt’s Creek’: Dan Levy Calls Out Comedy Central India for Censoring a Same-Sex Kiss

Throughout its six-season run, Schitt’s Creek resonated with the LGBTQ community and became a staple for its inclusivity. On Twitter, co-creator and actor Dan Levy called out Comedy Central India for censoring a same-sex kiss between David (Levy) and Ted (Dustin Milligan).

Dan Levy
Dan Levy | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

‘Schitt’s Creek’ is known for its LGBTQ representation

In Schitt’s Creek, Levy’s character David Rose is pansexual, meaning he is attracted to people regardless of their sex, gender, or gender identity. The character became one of the most prominent pansexual characters in fiction, especially due to the wine analogy used to explain David’s sexuality.

“Um… I do drink red wine,” David tells Stevie (Emily Hampshire). “But I also drink white wine. And I’ve been known to sample the occasional rosé. And a couple summers back I tried a Merlot that used to be a Chardonnay which got a bit complicated.”

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At the end of Season 3, David begins a relationship with Patrick (Noah Reid), his business partner. While David has a rich dating history, David is Patrick’s first same-sex partner. Through the relationship, Schitt’s Creek shows Patrick coming to terms with his sexuality and coming out to his parents. In the series finale, David and Patrick get married.

Dan Levy criticized Comedy Central India

In Season 5 of Schitt’s Creek, Patrick throws a high-school themed housewarming party. During a game of spin the bottle, multiple characters kiss, but Comedy Central India censored the kiss between Ted and David. On Twitter, Levy shared the censored clip and condemned the TV channel.

“You showed the kiss between two women, you showed the kiss between a woman and a man, then removed the kiss between two men? This is a show about the power of inclusivity. The censorship of gay intimacy is making a harmful statement against that message. #loveislove,” Levy tweeted.

In another tweet, he clarified, “I thought I made this pretty clear but for those who are confused, this is about a channel in India. @ComedyCentral in America is not censoring the show. They have been lovely and respectful. Thank you for your time.”

Dan Levy on the show’s impact

While speaking with GLAAD about the series finale of Schitt’s Creek, Levy answered where he thinks David and Patrick will be five years from now.

“I see them happy and I see them settled. I think the choice for David to stay in the town was a big one and it was really him finally just getting over this preoccupation that he has had for so long which is to constantly be someone that is impressive to people. He has lived a lot of his life trying to impress people and he has nobody left to impress. He has found his person and that is all he really needs,” Levy said.

Before the finale aired, the cast of Schitt’s Creek received a letter from more than 1800 moms of LGBTQ children thanking them for helping their children understand their identities.

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“It is the greatest takeaway I could have ever imagined from this show. I just think back to times in my life when I was still in the closet and really struggling, and thinking if I was going to be able to live an open and authentic life myself,” Levy told GLAAD. “It is such a stark discrepancy between who I was as a teenager and who I am now. I am really proud of the work that we did, and I am humbled by the change that we seem to have affected in people’s lives and people’s homes.”