‘Schitt’s Creek’: Does the Series Creator Wish He Had Another Season?

Schitt’s Creek, the six-season comedy series from the father-son team, Eugene and Dan Levy, aired its final episode this year. Schitt’s Creek has gained in popularity after each season, and many fans surely wish there were more episodes. In a 2019 interview, Levy said whether or not he does, too.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ with seasons 1-5 available on Netflix, ended after season 6

Schitt's Creek creator Dan Levy
Dan Levy at the 2019 MTV Movie and TV Awards | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for MTV

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In a GQ profile with Schitt’s Creek co-creator Daniel Levy, the interviewer asked him:

As you’ve gone through the process of writing and shooting and editing the final season over the past year, have you ever thought, “… I wish we had a season seven after all?

I wasn’t ready to go,” Levy admitted. “But, the story was set up to be finished.” So, the answer to GQ was an unequivocal “no.” What he does “wish,” however, is that “there was more story to tell.”

“I would love to do this forever,” Levy shared, “but respecting the characters and respecting the quality of the storytelling, it just felt like, ‘This is it.'”

Levy had actually imagined Schitt’s Creek finishing off a season earlier. He said:

I had intended to end it in season five, and then we got picked up for two seasons. And I thought, ‘Okay, well…now I can spend 28 episodes instead of 14 building the last couple chapters of this series.’ The minute I knew that was the minute I started writing to the end.

Dan Levy, co-creator and cast member, says filming the season finale was the ‘most emotional day’

On filming the final season, Levy also admitted it was an emotional ride.

“It was really, really hard,” he shared. The final filming day, Levy said, was “the most emotional day” of his life.

“I cried for, I want to say, five straight hours, to the point where I had a splitting headache and didn’t know what to do with my life,” he continued. Even when it came to his Schitt’s Creek character’s costumes.

“I wept when I took David’s shoes off. I will never wear those shoes again—nor do I want to—but I was very sad to take them off,” he told GQ.

The interviewer pointed out to Levy how Schitt’s Creek tells “an aspirational story—about the world as many would prefer it to be.” Does that make the series have “actually … more of a difference than telling a story that wallows in the darkness of everything,” they wondered?

Schitt's Creek cast
Actors Annie Murphy, Daniel Levy, Eugene Levy, and Emily Hampshire from the sitcom Schitt’s Creek | Gary Gershoff/WireImage

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“It’s been amazing to track the political climate with the shift in why and how people are watching television,” Levey responded. He expanded on that thought:

I’ve been able to learn and watch as people who had originally watched our show saying, ‘This is very funny! Catherine’s accent! The clothes!’ Over the years, in direct alignment with what was happening in American politics, the reactions went from ‘This is very funny’ to ‘I need this.’

The Schitt’s Creek actor/writer/producer left off with this good advice:

“Just be inclusive. Be kind. It does wonders. You can really effect change in the smallest of ways by just showing how things should be.”