‘Schitt’s Creek’: This Is the Cast Member Most Likely to Say Your Life ‘Is Garbage’ (It’s a Good Thing)

Schitt’s Creek quickly became one of the most popular shows around, and for good reason. With original storytelling and memorable characters, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else like it. That said, of all the cast members, there is one unafraid of telling you like it is.

‘Schitt’s Creek’ is full of hot takes and pearls of wisdom

Cast of 'Schitt's Creek'
Dan Levy and the cast of ‘Schitt’s Creek’, Noah Reid, Emily Hampshire, Annie Murphy, Jennifer Robertson, Catherine O’Hara Karen Robinson, receive Best Comedy Series award at the 2019 Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala | GP Images/Getty Images

Rarely are there shows that can unite the masses. Schitt’s Creek manages to do so while incorporating tongue-in-cheek sass, representation, and hot takes galore.

We could spend all day dissecting Moira (Catherine O’Hara) and David’s (Dan Levy) enchilada (pronounced ON-cha-la-DAH) adventure. Or their inability to “fold” the cheese in. However, in all five seasons of Schitt’s Creek, the hot takes are where it’s at.

Levy, who created the show alongside his father and co-star, Eugene Levy, posted a video snippet on Twitter. The actor channeled his inner David and offered his most festive hot takes in light of the holiday season.

In the clip, he takes on topics like Santa Clause’s “button” nose and how it makes him insecure, his untraditional role in a Christmas play, and his feelings on the Nutcracker coming to life.

Naturally, Patrick (Noah Reid) is the yin to David’s yang, providing level-headed responses to David’s sometimes questionable, albeit hilarious, answers.

This is who will call your life ‘garbage’, according to Dustin Milligan

With all due respect to the other talent, there is one clear winner as to who could “Marie Kondo” your life. Dustin Mulligan, who plays Ted on the show, recently told Entertainment Weekly [Dan] Levy fits the bill.

Mulligan said it’s a no-brainer and not just because of Levy’s fashion sense.

“He’s also very cutting, very cynical, and can really just get to the heart of all your insecurities and break you down in an instant, which is what you need to properly clean out your closet,” he said.

He explained with an example.

“You need someone to tell you like, ‘Your taste is garbage, you’re a bad person for having your closet look like this, I’m going to fix everything and don’t call me afterward because we’re not friends — because I’ve seen your closet now,’” he added.

We can totally see this happening.

Is Dan Levy anything like his character David Rose?

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Levy’s character, David, is a fashion-forward overgrown man-child with a vocabulary rooted in sarcasm and he’s fabulous. As creator, showrunner, writer, actor, and occasional director of the show, Levy previously admitted there are a few similarities between the two.

“It’s in the details for me, and when the details aren’t executed perfectly, I get a bit…ornery,” he told GQ. “I do a pretty mean Lorde impression.”

He added that David’s fashion is an extreme version of his own.

Being comfortable in his own skin, he said, is “a process that I think I’m still learning, and I think actually playing David has given me a sense of confidence that I never had before.”

If you’ve yet to give Schitt’s Creek a try, we suggest watching all five seasons before the sixth lands in January. If you’re on the fence, imagine David saying, “Your taste is garbage, you’re a bad person.”