Scott Disick Admits That Sofia Richie Has Made Him ‘A Better Man’

When it comes to his relationships, Scott Disick is not the type to share every small detail about his love life.

While the reality star doesn’t hide his romances from the public eye, there has yet to be a time when he has candidly discussed his relationships, especially the one he has with Sofia Richie.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie | Presley Ann/Getty Images

However, in a new new sneak peek clip for his series, Flip It Like Disick, the reality star shares why his relationship with Richie is so special.

Disick has found his other half in Richie

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie’s relationship continues to get stronger with each passing year.

The couple’s relationship has gotten so serious, they recently revealed that they have been living together.

In a sneak peak for the upcoming episode of the reality star’s E! series, Flip It Like Disick, he is seen sitting down with Richie as they discuss their plans to possibly move to Malibu, California.

“When I moved in, the house did not look like that. It looked like a bachelor pad,” Richie tells him. 

The clip then goes over to Disick’s confessional, where he gets candid about how being in a relationship with Richie has had a positive impact on his life.

“I think it’s hard anywhere to find somebody that you can be comfortable with and the truth was, without her, I was always looking for somebody or something,” the 36-year-old reality star shared. “She’s definitely been that little piece that’s calmed me down and made me a better man and made things easier in my life.”

After being romantically linked back in 2017, Disick and Richie have really grown as a couple and definitely see a future together.

While they aren’t ready to get married or have children of their own just yet, they are content living together and have plans to build their dream home in Southern California.

“I love Malibu. I’d be down to move to Malibu any day,” Richie says. “I think it’d be fun to move because then maybe I could put my touches on some things.”

Although this is the first time Disick and Richie have talked openly about about their home life, Richie previously suggested they were living together when she posted a photo to her Instagram Story of her and the reality star laying in bed with his pooch Hershela along with the caption “Home.”

Many believe that Richie is the best person for Disick

Even though Sofia Richie has only been dating Scott Disick for two years, people close to them could see early on that she was changing his life for the better.

With Disick having lost his way in the past due to excessive drinking and partying, that all came to a halt once Richie came into his life.

While Disick’s ex, Kourtney Kardashian, wasn’t a fan of the model in the beginning, it was recently revealed that she thinks Richie has definitely had a positive impact on the reality star.

“Kourtney thinks Sofia brings out the best in Scott and is happy for them,” a source told Us Weekly earlier this month. “Kourtney and Sofia share a common background and lifestyle, and Sofia is easy to get along with and is a normal girl.”

Although Disick and Richie haven’t been dating for too long, it is clear that they were meant to be together and many of us can’t wait to see what the future has in store for them!