The Secret Moment Kaitlyn Bristowe And Nick Viall Shared At Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ ‘Bachelor’ Wedding

Back in 2017, Bachelor In Paradise stars Carly Waddell and Evan Bass had a dream wedding in Mexico. Plenty of Bachelor Nation was in attendance, including Kaitlyn Bristowe and her Bachelorette season winner Shawn Booth, and Nick Viall and his Bachelor season winner Vanessa Grimaldi.

Carly Waddell, Chris Harrison and Evan Bass | Paul Hebert via Getty Images
Carly Waddell, Chris Harrison and Evan Bass | Paul Hebert via Getty Images

Bristowe was recently a guest on Viall’s podcast, The Viall Files, and the two recalled something that happened between them that day.

Kaitlyn Bristowe requested a song for Nick Viall at Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ wedding

Bristowe told Viall that she noticed him looking unhappy at the wedding so she requested a song she knew he liked (“You & Me” by Disclosure, a song they regarded as “their” song). She admitted with a mischievous laugh that maybe her intentions were to mess with him a bit, too.

Viall confirmed that he was not having a good time at the wedding. He and Grimaldi had been going through a rough spot.

“I was miserable. Vanessa and I were just having a really hard time at that point and we were discussing maybe not even going down and I wasn’t having fun going to a wedding let alone a Bachelor wedding. I just knew deep down we weren’t gonna make it. We were just really at odds. That’s why I was having a miserable time,” he explained.

When Bristowe told Viall that she requested the song because “it’s a fun dance song that I knew you liked” and she wanted to “get this guy out of his chair,” Viall protested.

“Wait so your solution was to request a song that we shared in our mini love affair before you were the bachelorette?” he asked. “I don’t totally buy that’s why. Maybe slightly.”

“I actually thought it was funny,” she said.

“I thought you’d laugh and you did not laugh,” the former bachelorette added.

Bristowe stuck to her guns that she requested the song in hopes that it would lift Viall’s spirits. She was having a great time with Booth and she wanted Viall to have a great time, too.

“See it’s funny because Shawn and I were actually at like such a good place at that wedding, too. We had the best time,” she said.

Why Nick Viall was glad Kaitlyn Bristowe asked the DJ to play ‘You & Me’

Whatever Bristowe’s reasoning, Viall ultimately appreciated her requesting the song.

“Quite honestly it made me feel good because I’m glad you picked Shawn. Not in a snide sort of way. But it always meant something to me that we had a connection and we had even a short relationship and I always felt fondly about you. But so much of the past four years is I know it wasn’t bullsh*t. And it felt like I was being told it was bullsh*t. So to hear that was like an acknowledgement to like a nice moment and it was like a friendly acknowledgement that kind of felt nice. That was all. It was a nice moment for me,” he explained.

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