‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Bombshell: Vanessa is No Longer with the Snowdens

Just a few weeks ago, fans watched as Vanessa Cobbs was added to the Snowden family. Throughout two seasons, viewers saw Dimitri and Ashely Snowden court and attempt to add two different sister wives to the family. Jocelyn’s departure during Season 1 hit viewers with all the feels, but everyone seemed confident that Vanessa would be sticking around for the long haul. After all, Dimitri liked her enough to craft an elaborate beachfront proposal.

Now, however, it doesn’t look like all is well in the Snowden household. Actually, Vanessa has since left the family, according to Newsweek. So, why did Vanessa flounce from the plural family?

The reason behind Vanessa’s departure from Seeking Sister Wife

In a statement released on Monday, Vanessa told the world that she has since parted ways with Ashley and Dimitri. Vanessa noted that while she loves and cares for the family, she was not being true to herself.  The statement, carefully worded, left out any actual reason for the split. Now fans are scratching their heads trying to figure out where it all went wrong for the family they just watched take part in a plural wedding.

Some fans think that Dimitri’s assertion that he was already looking for wife number three might have turned Vanessa off. According to Monsters & Critics, Dimitri let it slip that he was more than willing to seek a third wife, and while Ashley was entirely on board, Vanessa looked a bit put off. After all, they hadn’t even wed yet, and her soon-to-be husband was ready to go seeking another companion.

While the third wife theory is a good one, some fans believe Ashley is the real problem here. Ashley has been vocal about wanting her sister wife to take care of the kids while she handles the family business. When quizzed about adding a third wife, Ashley noted that she could be running the business, and her two sister wives could switch off kid duties. Some fans wondered precisely what Ashley has against her kids, and whether she understood she was getting a sister wife, not a live-in babysitter.

Did Dimitri see Vanessa’s departure coming?

While the separation did shock fans, Dimitri may have seen it coming. Way back before the pair got married, Dimitri wondered if Vanessa could hack it in a plural family. Her twin sister, Adrienne was less than impressed by the setup, and the patriarch wondered if Adrienne’s disapproval would sway Vanessa away from the concept of plural marriage.

His premonition was correct, although we don’t know if Adrienne had anything to do with Vanessa’s decision. Vanessa did note that the separation happened relatively recently, so it’s hard to say if her family played a role in the decision.

Do the Snowden’s want a sister wife or a nanny?

Fans have long wondered if Ashley and Dimitri Snowden have really nailed down exactly what being in a plural family means. For two seasons they’ve courted a couple of different ladies and discussed their desires at length for viewers. One thing seems inevitable; the Snowdens appear to be interested in a nanny rather than a sister wife.

When the world was first introduced to the alternative family, Dimitri noted that he would like to have more children, while his long-time partner, Ashley isn’t interested in personally expanding the family. Ashley has also asserted that she needs help raising the couple’s children while she deals with the family business. Ashley’s reasoning for wanting to add another wife to the family seems to fall more in line with a nannying job, rather than becoming an equal part of the family.

Where is Vanessa now?

Vanessa took to her Instagram to inform fans that she was spending some time down under to heal from the breakup. She was asked directly what happened between the plural family but noted that she is not at liberty to say. Perhaps one day she’ll share the juicy details, but for now, she’s keeping things civil. Fans, however, aren’t buying the statement, especially after her cryptic admission.

Vanessa did not share if she has plans to stay in Australia long term, or if she’s vacationing on the Island. Vanessa had uprooted her life in Washington to move in with the Snowden family in California. Where she’ll be living if and when she returns stateside is not known.